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Organized: My Plan of Action

As I’ve mentioned before, each month will have a specific growth area, with this month’s being Organization. I created my plan of action using the August printable and placed it in my Erin Condren Life planner. Here’s a look…


 EC Life Planner Organize 2



IMG_6851 EC Life Planner 3

I downloaded and printed at 75%, a PERFECT fit for EC pages. I know that I won’t use all of the Notes pages, and I love that there’s a tab for me to flip directly to it. I know that I’ll change these pages out often, so I used Washi tape to “attach” them! Isn’t it pretty (had a coupon and paid $1.88 for a nice size roll)! I love that along with the monthly download, we included quotes for inspiration, it’s a nice touch and who doesn’t like some midday inspiration while reviewing your goals? As you can see, my goals are simple…REALLY simple, but they’re some areas that if I do them they will help me with all the areas of my life. My personal truths, again simple but useful! No matter what our growth area is I’ll always have a list of “truths” to guide me. Want in on a secret? My calendar…I attached using a bread fastener!


Cool, right? Need to download the organizer August-180Organize.pdf (1433 downloads) ?

 Need a planner to get started?

 What have you done to help yourself get organized? What is your plan of action?

4 reasons to organize your life & $10 to help you start!

Up until recently, like 2 weeks ago, I was one of the mass who was attempting to “organize your life” digitally. That all ended when I got a new job and decided to really start this blog and needed to REALLY get stuff done. You may be wondering why I switched? Well, it wasn’t working. I would set an appointment, put it in my calendar, and then completely forget about it! I did this a couple times and just said…nope! This isn’t conducive to accomplishing any of the goals I’m trying to reach. I had to stop and think about it and decide what I needed to do in order to move forward.

Fast forward to a sunny afternoon perusing Pinterest and I ran across the most beautiful planners. Yep, I fell into the Erin Condren trap, ordered, and begin buying supplies the SAME day! It didn’t take much convincing since it’s pretty and I REALLY needed to get stuff done. When I ordered I even got my mom and one of my best friend’s to buy one too! I received her, my planner,  just the other day and boy oh boy is she pretty!!!!!!


I have a space to make my own and watch my dreams come to life. When it arrived I was soooo happy to finally have a place to SEE what I’ve been thinking and I can take back all the “cloud” space in my brain where these ideas and goals have been trapped. I finally have a place to dive in and write down my goals and here are the 4 reasons to organize your life and why this is so important to you.

4 reasons to organize your life & $10 to help you start!  #weloveec #erincondren

1. Visualize progress. Without your goals written down and a place to see them, such as a planner/agenda, you don’t know where you started and where you’re headed. As a kid you had a growth chart. At work we have tests to check our student’s academic progress, but what do you have? Create your own growth chart in the form of a planner or place to write your goals down. Don’t just let them float around in the “cloud”. Take time to write them down and say them aloud, you will see a difference, literally

organize your life

2. Pace yourself. Writing what you want to do is one way to see you can’t just go from 0-100 overnight! By taking the time to organize your life in a written manner, you will be able to figure out the steps needed to get there! You want to adhere to a strict breakdown of class time? Writing this down will make you back-track to the root of the problem and figure out what needs to be done and how long it will take to get there. Yes, this is agonizing, but it is SO necessary. Think of curriculum pacing, it’s a pain to do up front, but the fact you know where you’re headed and how long you should devote to each objective is an amazing bit of stress off your shoulder. Don’t wait, set the pace for yourself and write it down!

3. Plan for the future. Without you having the actual goal written down, it’s just not as likely to happen. I know it seems crazy, but once you write something down, there’s a certain form of energy or higher force, according to The Tools, called forward motion. I mentioned it in the last post that life is about movement. You can’t just expect things to happen, but once you get started you want to have a goal set that lets you know where to go next. In your agenda, find a place to jot down ideas. Carry a few post it notes with you and a pen and if something hits you, write it down! Ideas need goals so you can plan for the future.

goals in writing

4. The separation of school and life. Yep, you read that right, the separation of school and life. How many times have you completely forgotten what’s going on in the “real world” because of school? I know, you do it at some point EVERY year!!! This is where your agenda comes in handy. No matter what type of agenda you get, make sure you have separate places for school and home. This may mean two completely separate planners for some people, but for me it means separate columns. I am a Scandal fanatic (come on Sept 25) so I know I’ll grab a Scandal sticker to note that in my planner. Planning a grocery run, oh do I have the most adorable sticker for that. Football Saturday’s and Sunday’s yep, got a sticker for that too! With so many Etsy stores and creative people out there, I have absolutely no reason to NOT have all my little life happenings and important notes right in front of me.

Just like you, I am determined to start school with an amazing outlook and to make this a learning experience that is exciting for my students. However, you can’t forget about yourself. Take the time to invest in a planner YOU like. Make it be the place where YOU can see your dreams come to fruition. Here’s where I can help! I am giving you $10 off your first planner through Erin Condren. Yep, it’s an investment in YOU. Don’t hesitate, just do it and you’ll see how beginning to organize your life in a place you find inviting will make you a happy person! Already have your planner? Here’s a few places I’ve found to “pretty” her up and/or get even more organized!

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How do you organize your life? Have any suggestions of things to add to my blog calendar or personal space?

Want to see more, let me know!