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Business Tools in your Classroom: Typeform

Business Tools for the Classroom- Typeform

As teachers we are always asked for data. Most of the time a survey is an easy way to collect data when you’re completing a task. However, over the years we have seen every form, survey monkey, and questionnaire possible- correct me if I’m wrong. Over the summer, while completing some personal PD I happened to run across a game changer for surveys forms, and even evaluations- Typeform. (more…)

Business Tools in your Classroom: Mailchimp

180 Days to Happy- Business Tools for the Classroom- Mailchimp

Over the summer I took the time to do some Professional Development, but not all of it was in the teaching world. I always encourage my students to look beyond the classroom for tips and that is exactly what I did. I learned so much from the business world, for my blog, but I couldn’t help but to think of how to use some business tools in your classroom. Although I use the school based email settings, I know there are many teachers who may not have access and/or want to try something new. I can’t think of a better format than Mailchimp!¬† (more…)

Google in the Classroom – Linky Party

180 Days to Happy- Google in the Classroom My school is now Google enabled! HELP!!!!! (more…)

Blogging in the Classroom- 5 Ways to keep students blogging

Blogging in the Classroom- 5 ways to Keep Students Blogging

Anyone who’s started blogging, me included, would tell you one of the hardest things to do is to KEEP blogging! Inevitably, you will hit a wall or think that nobody out there is listening. This can and will happen in your classroom as well. You know that last few days before break? or the times you’re super focused on a bit of paperwork that is due? Use blogging as a way to keep your student’s energized and to show mastery of standards, but don’t STOP! Let’s talk 5 ways to keep students blogging in the classroom.


Blogging in the Classroom- 3 Steps to start today!

Blogging in the Classroom-3 Ways to Start Today!

So, you’ve decided you’re going to blog this year after reading last week’s post about why you should jump on-board (YES!). Now comes the hard part, so you think. What if I told you that you could start in less than 15 min? Why would I say that? Because you can! ¬†This week, we’ll talk about how to get started and make blogging in the classroom a success for you and your students. Let’s go!