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Investing in Yourself

180 Days to Happy- Investing in Yourself

Invest- to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something: to furnish with power, authority, rank, etc.:

According to Websters Dictionary, the word invest has multiple meanings. Some involving money, but the most poignant definitions have everything to do with you. Yes, you the person reading this! It has taken me a long time to realize just how powerful this one word is and how critical it is to my well-being, but now I want you to know why investing in yourself shouldn’t be an option.


33 Fridays: Planners

33 Fridays- Finding Planner Peace #thefoxyfix #maydesigns

Fridays are special, but maybe EXTRA special for teachers, right? As you may have noticed there’s a tab now with the word Loving. This little tab will come alive each and every Friday of the school year with something that is tickling my fancy and making my life better. Let’s go on a journey of 33 Fridays!


August Growth Area: Organize

august organize

When I began the journey of blogging I set out to give teachers a monthly goal area to tackle and make changes in. I believe that if we focus on one are, instead of trying to change a million things at a time, we can be more successful and concentrate our efforts more effectively. Thank to the amazing group of bloggers and TPT creators, this monthly guide is able to be shared with you! Let’s get started.


An Ode to Summer

An ode to summerDear Summer,

It’s been real fun. I love the fact that my kiddos and I have moved leisurely through the past 7 weeks and relaxed at our own pace. As I head back into work today, I wanted to say thank you for allowing me the time to create and build. I have had the opportunity to create memories from a new journey in school, new football team for my son, and of course creating a beautiful house for my thoughts aka my blog. Thank you for allowing me to build a stronger community of teachers around me through social media, sharing my love in conferences, and building an amazing group of PD facilitators aka my PLN.


2015 Back to School Shopping


5 Places You Should be Doing Your Back to School Shopping

By this point in July, almost all stores are entering the Back to School Shopping season. For teachers, this signals the end of our Summer (mine is O-V-E-R) and the emptying of our pockets for our classroom. It is my theory that every back to school season deserves some type of “newness” from supplies, to themes, and especially your wardrobe. However, after shopping for your classroom your closet often ends up as the least likely thing to be shopped for. This year, instead of putting yourself to the side, on the merit of frugality, I want to show you 5 places you should be doing your back to school shopping for yourself as a frugalista!