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Teacher End of the Year Gifts – The Erin Condren Way!

Erin Condren End of the year teacher gifts -180 Days to HappyAs a teacher, I will admit the end of the year is the toughest. Our student’s “true colors” are showing, my sweet sixth-graders have become mini 7th graders (with attitude and all) and we get to say goodbye to our sweet and grown-up eighth graders. In the midst of it, I always get so emotional as a parent who send her child to school and has entrusted him to a group of teachers to encourage his growth. This year, just like the others, my son has been blessed with a set of phenomenal teachers so in gathering my teacher end of the year gifts, I had to take extra care. (more…)

October- It’s time to Build

October- It's time to build!

I can remember playing Jenga as a child, remember that? It was so cool when you were building it, but it was eventually meant to tumble down. I think this is an analogy of many of our lives at some point! I can honestly say that I have put more effort into building solid foundations for relationships, my classroom, and life in general this year but of course other parts of my life seem as if they are tumbling down!  (more…)

September Growth Area- Communicate

180 Days to Happy September

If I told you I’ve been swamped, that would be a lie; I’ve been drowning. I couldn’t bear another day without sharing this month’s organizer and I’ll be back to share how I am using it! Just in case you’re new, catch up on what goes on monthly on the blog!  (more…)

33 Fridays: Influenster

180 Days to Happy- 33 Fridays

You ever seen something on IG and said “OMG I wish I could get that
“?  This is exactly how I felt the first time I saw a post about an Influenster box! I had to do my own snooping and found out I was just a survey away from free goodies in my mailbox too. Maybe I’m making the process a bit more simplistic than it is (probably not though), but I have grown to love Influenster emails almost as much as UPS notifications.  (more…)

33 Fridays: Free Digital Books

180 Days to Happy- Free Digital Books

I have a confession. I am a known frugalista, maybe even borderline “cheap”. Yes, I am that girl that is forever down for a deal and is known to prefer the cost being free. However, I am also a fan of convenient and simple to use without losing the things I enjoy doing; One of those things being reading. So, when I found out I could get free digital books directly to my devices I was absolutely amazed! (more…)