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Ta-Da Tuesday: How to Stay Connected

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!


Hey all!!! I can’t believe it’s the END of September!!!!! The weather is finally changing here in GA, so I can say that Fall seems real now. We’re also getting to that point in the school year where ” I just need a break”…and it’s coming!!!! Fall Break is NEXT WEEK!!!! Four Tuesday’s into Ta-Da Tuesday it’s time to talk How to Stay Connected…even when you’re a worn out teacher!!!


How to Stay Connected

I am one of those people, like many of us, who is connected via various social media outlets. I have also come to realize this, although it is a form of connection, doesn’t really foster deep connections. Think about the celebrity you follow or even a fellow teacher, although you don’t “know” him or her you get a sense of closeness every time a picture of them flows across your timeline or Instagram Feed. Now, somebody you really know you may even “double tap” or comment, but when’s the last time you truly connected with these people.


Unfortunately I  don’t get to  see all of my friend’s super often, but I  take the time to  stay connected in various ways. One way we connect is through a group chat, using the GroupMe app. This app gives us a neat way of constantly being able to chat among ourselves even though we span from California, Florida, and Georgia! There are times where we simply tell each other good morning and others where we chat through the hottest shows on TV. I have a few groups in the app, but they all serve the distinct purpose of keeping us connected with a common area of interest.


What’s a better way to connect than to make a big deal of life happenings?!?!?! Just this year I think I’ve made long weekends out of a wedding, a friend who got her MBA, another who is now a Occupational Therapist and there have been plenty of opportunities in between! We plan a night out for birthday’s, concert’s (I’ve missed far too many with friends), and just to catch up. Honestly, there is no occurrence  too small to celebrate!!! Just this weekend we met up at the Outkast concert and OH BOY did we have fun. Although my husband and I were there for the music, it’s always more fun when you have folks to tag along, laugh, and just have a genuinely good time with!


Another way I’m aiming to keeping in touch is through hand-written notes or thank you’s. I don’t know about you, but I sure get tired of the only thing in my mailbox being BILLS! As a child, I always looked forward to a piece of mail with my name on it. Sending a letter is a heartfelt gesture that takes a very small amount of time, but serves a supreme purpose. Since I delved in the blogging world, I  have become aware of Slant Box. This is a cool way of connecting teachers across the country with a common theme. Yes, it takes work getting a stamp or even finding a card to write on, but pick up a pack of thank you’s from the Dollar Spot at Target and make it happen!

Lastly, if  all else fails…send a hearfelt email and/or text message. I have read in plenty of books how important it is to keep the romance alive in a marriage, but I believe this is somewhat true in friendships. We are all busy, I know, but we have these people in our lives for a reason! Acknowledge the friendship and let them know how much they mean to you! Give them their roses while they can smell them!!!!!

What’s your favorite way of connecting?

Do you and your friends have special ways of keeping up with each other?

Five for Friday: What a day!!!


Five for Friday

Linking up today for Five for Friday a quick recap of a local tech conference I went to and I just had to share! Enjoy the recap because, Oh What a day!!!


Five for Friday1


I snapped this photo at the beginning of the conference because it’s SO true. No matter where you are, the internet has become a true “necessity” for all of us! It’s not just young adults, but we’re all on this chase for the fastest uploads and to share information. It was interesting to see it compared to power lines and paved roads because of the impact on our grandparents life’s!

Five for Friday2


Our keynote speaker Daisy Dyer Duerr, did a great job of putting things in perspective as she’s from rural Arkansas and has made an AMAZING impact in her community. Although her school is small, she has made technology a priority and also talked about the importance of connecting with other teachers and leaders to increase your PLN and impact in the world around you!

Five for Friday3



I presented!!! This was my first “public speaking” engagement and I have to say it was an AMAZING experience!!!! I got some great feedback and I hope to be able to do it again. I spoke on the importance of meeting our students where they are through the use of social media for our classrooms and as a professional!!! Good stuff!!!!!


Five for Friday4


At the conference, I saw this little gadget and OMG!!!! If there is not a thing you NEED in your classroom with tablets THIS IS IT!!!!! Belkin created this stand will eliminate the document camera so that ANYTHING that’s under your screen OR on your screen can be projected. At only $199, I do believe this is an amazing deal. However, even if you don’t have the stand you can download the Stage app by Belkin to turn your iPad into a document camera!

Five for Friday5




image1 (1)


Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share what I wore!!! Please excuse the blurry pic, but blame my 6yr old. I was comfortable in a jumper I found in Miami in March and a H&M jacket off the BOGO racks from a few weeks ago.


I want to say thank you to Griffin RESA for welcoming all of the educators and putting together an AMAZING conference!!!! I am so thankful to have been a part of it.


Any cool conferences you’ve been to lately??

Ta-Da Tuesday- This One Time…

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!   Hey all!!!! Welcome back to the weekly linky party!!! This week we are going to share our personal experiences of connecting with others from social media to real life! As we continue to connect it’s important to make these connections transfer from Instagram, Twitter, or even linky party “meets” to real-life! We should be gleaning information and learning from one another as we make purposeful connections. I will preface this with saying that without this encounter, my little blog just might have NEVER happened 🙂 Here we go!!!

This One Time…

 My story  involves a young lady, Dawn Greene. I followed Dawn via social media after a few tweets and re-tweets by another friend and fellow blogger Mattie James of Mattieologie, whom I’ve known for quite some time. Dawn suffers from Bipolar Disorder, but has always been very open and shares her struggle along with encouragement while dealing with day-to-day struggles of being a mom and wife, along with some HILARIOUS hashtags. At a birthday dinner in 2013, for Mattie, I happened to be seated at the same table as Dawn and I took the time to share my respect for her along with our shared love of the Buckeyes…and the rest was history. From that day forward, I really began to look at the things she was doing and most recently her weight loss chronicles as a means of encouragement. Her posts and recent success while starting Fans Favorite Fan, can be credited with the push for me to make 180 Days to Happy happen! Over the summer I didn’t want to hold back my own story, so I took the time to DM her and we exchanged numbers. Now, I will in no way say that I expected her to respond or even reply but she did! We did text back and forth and I just had to share what an encouragement she was and she was nothing but encouraging to me!!! We do not communicate on the regular, but I will say that I have reached out to say thank you and even some very encouraging news along with congratulations for her endeavors as well.

Although Dawn and I have made a social media connection, I thought it was important to share how much she has pushed and encouraged me and I think this is what social media is about! The ability to share with others and make purposeful connections from your couch to across the country, with the click of a keyboard is an amazing thing!!! Don’t be scared to reach out to the person who has helped you in some way, knowingly or not. Don’t let a connection stop at a “like”, comment, or repost! Share information and make a story of like turn into your own “This one time…”.

How has connecting from social media, to real-life, changed your life? Any extra-special encounter of your own?

Connect: Her Story

Today, we’re featuring Chelsea from over at The Twenty Something Teacher! I’m so excited to host her post and learn about here she connects!

Twenty Something Teacher


Hello 180 Days To Happy Readers!
My name is Chelsea and I blog over at The Twenty-Something Teacher. I am so excited to have this chance to collaborate for the September Organizer. This month’s theme is Connect, which has been huge for me lately, especially with school starting back up.
It is so difficult to stay connected sometimes. With teaching and coaching basketball, I sometimes put in 65-80 hour weeks. Then there’s keeping up with the house and spending time with my sweet husband and pups. Then there is all the fun stuff like little DIY projects, blogging, coffee dates with friends, taking time to watch TV and rest. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with everything!
I have several methods that I use to stay connected, in my social life, my family life, my blog life, and my school life.
FIRST | Connecting In General: I’m the queen of making lists. I make lists for everything and anything. Even the most mediocre things end up on my lists. I make lists of blog posts I want to write. I make lists of classroom resources that I want to create. I make lists of people I need to call, text, email. I make lists of EVERYTHING!
SECOND | Connecting Socially: For blogging and social media, I try to plan WAY in advance! Once I write a blog post and schedule it for the day that I want it to post, I try to go ahead and schedule my tweets and other posts to share the links. I also try to create the images that I want to use for Pinterest and Instagram in advance so that’s one less thing I have to work on. I use TweetDeck, but I know there are a lot of other services that offer the same reliable posting and scheduling! I keep a calendar specifically for my blog that I use to plan out my posts and I try to spend a little bit of free time each week writing all of my posts for the next week in advance.
THREE | Connecting Personally: I try to make sure to connect in face-to-face ways too. If you don’t already do this, I HIGHLY suggest picking a specific day of the week, EVERY week to have a date with your significant other. Wednesday nights are date night at my house because it’s the perfect middle of the week pick-me-up! Date nights don’t always have to cost money either, we love having movie nights in and turning off electronics for the evening. I also have a specific night each week that is friend time. My friends and I have a guilty pleasure (obsession) with Pretty Little Liars, so every Tuesday we cook a delicious meal, watch our show, and spend time connecting with one another. Other ways you can connect (away from screen time) could be joining a book club, finding a workout buddy, or taking a class!
Happy Connecting!

Ta-Da Tuesday: How I Connect

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!

Hello dear people!!!! It has been a LONG week since my last post and please forgive me for my lack thereof. I’ve actually been looking forward to Ta-Da Tuesday and I’m ready to go!!! Today’s topic, How I connect, I will relate to my classroom and how I connect with parents and students.


How I Connect


When I think of the tool that has COMPLETELY revolutionized how I communicate with parents, it HAS to be Remind. Remind is like the ultimate texting tool, but it also preserves your privacy. Have a quiz tomorrow and you’d like for students to “study” and parents to know? In comes Remind. Seriously! Last year, I had a parent thank me for Remind multiple times because she finally had a way to know what was going on in the classroom in real time. Yes, you may say I email parents or use a calling post but I will be the first to tell you I check my email a couple times a day and calling post…welllll those can easily be “missed”. Remind is a text message, which means that while the student is perusing Instagram or a parent is updating his/her status on Facebook up pops your text! Not only does it come from you, but it also comes from a number that they cannot text or call back.

Remind, for me, is also the ultimate in allowing me to be as spontaneous as my life is. For instance, I can be at my son’s football practice and know that I can compose and send a message to my class in seconds. Not only have I used this in the classroom, but as a team mom as well. I could go on and on about how amazing this app is and how easy it is to use, but I will give you the chance to discover it and PLEASE let me know how much you love it (because you will)!

rebrand (1)

Now it’s your turn…tell us How you connect!!! Grab the button and link up below. Happy Linking 🙂