Messy Assorted Stationary On White Desk And CoffeeRacheal Burden

noun: a woman who can do anything, but not everything

synonyms: Mom, wife, friend, sister, student (can’t believe I’m saying that AGAIN),  middle school technology teacher and blogger.

If I had it my way, I would bear the title “The Olivia Pope of Public Education”. While that dream is in the works, I aim to give my student’s a true learning experience when they enter my classroom. Connecting “real-life” in my curriculum is key and this blog is the place I share it all.

 Although I aim to do it all (don’t we all), I am just a thirty year old gal from Ohio who loves college football, teaching others, and sharing all of the things that I love from tech in the classroom, how I manage my crazy busy life, and my love for anything to help me stay organized (yes, I love planners). Teaching middle school has taught me so much about myself and I know that these experiences can help you too!

 As you visit my blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and maybe even buy a product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store I hope that you will feel the love that I pour into each and every sentence I write. My goal, hope, and dream is to speak to you in a way that will enhance your everyday life from 8am in the classroom to 7pm at the dinner table with your family.

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