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Life. It got me. It got me stuck. It got me stuck, but now I’m free! I’m not stuck, anymore.

You would think the summer months would put me into motivation overdrive, but it didn’t happen. I waited for mid-June, early July, then it was time to go back to work…still nothing. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say or how I wanted to “come back”. Then school, work and personal, started AGAIN. You’d think I was ready after summer break, which was TOUGH, but I wasn’t. Then, September came around. I was still waiting for this “breakthrough”, but it just wasn’t happening even after a great opportunity with a company I love. I deleted social media. I used my planner(s). I started typing…and it started coming back. I stopped. I got through the fall and in came November, my birth month. I love birthdays, but I couldn’t help but think of what I wasn’t accomplishing as I got to celebrate another year of life. December came and life got tricky. We all bounced back and it came time to think about the coming days.

January 2017. January 2017  is the month. January 2017 is the month I decided to stop thinking about ALLLLLLL the things I wasn’t doing. January 2017 is the month I decided to stop thinking about ALLLLLLL the things I wasn’t doing and I just did it.

This is what you see. It’s not perfect, but I’m going. Get ready for some good stuff. Get ready to see the baby steps I’m taking and as small or simple as they may seem, they are MINE – come along for the ride. I’m not stuck anymore 🙂

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