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cheap RobaxinAs a teacher, I will admit the end of the year is the toughest. Our student’s “true colors” are showing, my sweet sixth-graders have become mini 7th graders (with attitude and all) and we get to say goodbye to our sweet and grown-up eighth graders. In the midst of it, I always get so emotional as a parent who send her child to school and has entrusted him to a group of teachers to encourage his growth. This year, just like the others, my son hasĀ been blessed with a set of phenomenal teachers so in gathering my teacher end of the year gifts, I had to take extra care.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Erin Condren about beautiful notecards (that were on sale) and knew this would be the perfect gift! As a group, the parents contribute to a class gift but this year I wanted to show a little extra so I snagged these. Simple and elegant, the teachers can use these beautiful personalized notes and envelopes for whatever they please & at only $1.50 a card with matching envelopes, I couldn’t pass these up!

purchase Robaxin

robaxin 750 mgs

robaxin mg


Even more surprising is the cool plastic tote they were sent in and how thick and durable they seem. I’m thinking they will surely find these useful for pens, markers, or anything else teachers tend to throw in a bag and go.

Erin Condren End of the year teacher gifts -180 Days to Happy

I know these aren’t a lot, but I know they will thoroughly enjoy them and it’s the least I can do for two women who have nurtured my son this year.

What’s on your teacher gift list or what did you snag for your student’s teacher(s)?

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