Why being a teacher sucks, and I love it!

Why Being a Teacher Sucks & I love It 180 Days to HappyCan I just be honest? I don’t like my job every day. I don’t enjoy dealing with students and paperwork and testing and meetings and fire drills and the list could go on (and on and on). BUT… I love my job!

So much of my job is thankless and seemingly judgemental with little pay. However, just this week in Georgia teachers proved their voice has power by reducing the percentage that testing counts in our evaluation after a long and arduous fight. Now, the people we’re fighting likely have never been in a classroom and don’t understand how the student who is homeless, hungry, or both is coping with these difficulties. They don’t understand how an 8th grader who recently lost a parent thinks so little of the test he/she is about to take and it’s implications on his/her future. Which has become even more compounded with the new “revelation” that testing in the ENTIRE state is null and void…now imagine explaining that to students who have to retake a test they failed, but doesn’t “count”.

Just as much as teaching sucks, this is why I love it! I began teaching 8 yrs ago thinking “If I just touch one life a year, I’ve done my job” and I think back on the years and can point out at least one relationship I’ve formed that meets the criteria. It’s not always easy as I’ve had to console students who’ve lost their parent(s), report abuse, and countless other issues. If you’re struggling with a tough day, week, or month and just don’t know how you’re going to get through it, know there is a student who is happy to say hello to you; You matter! As we wrap up another school year, take a few minutes and truly reflect on your why and how much you’ve impacted the world.

P.S. The summer is SOOOO close…just keep swimming 🙂

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