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Project Based Learning & Next Lesson- 180 Days to Happy

This week, I hired my very first student. Yes, you read that right I hired a student. I am almost positive their look of surprise matched yours as you read this post. No need to fret, I was quick to shoot down their requests for a raise (they hadn’t done one minute of work yet) and let them know their $115, 750 salary would be significantly more than mine in the real world. However, I am proud to say that each of my nearly 100 Movie Marketers are fully engaged and they have not one clue of their upcoming job tasks! 

Problem-Based Learning Next Lesson

You see, this week I pulled an activity from cheap Robaxin and hired my students to market three popular movies. Using their project based learning activity, purchase Robaxin, my students will learn word processing using GAFE and their own experiences as movie goers. I will be the first to admit that although it has been a task that must be somewhat well planned and mapped out for timing and student understanding, my students are excited and ready to learn all that we are diving into. I started by using Avery 5395 labels to assign students one of the eight movies available to use with this activity. Once in class, I welcomed them to their first job and let them know that we will be proceeding through our unit as professionals, paid solely in grades (they were dissapointed to say the least).

Project Based Learning using Next Lesson- 180 Days to Happy

If you haven’t tried project-based learning and need a fun and easy way to try it, I strongly suggest Next Lesson and their activities. New to the website? It’s easy to use and they have lessons which are accessible and shareable using GAFE, making it even more simple to use and grade.

robaxin 750 mgs

Alright, I’m off to do some market research (watching a film) and conducting orientation (introducing our first task) with my employees. We’ll check back in for their first evaluation and I’ll be sure to share their first paycheck (progress report grade).

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