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5 Ways to Shake Up Tech in Your Classroom


5 Ways to Shake Up Tech in Your Classroom-180 Days to HappyIt’s just over 3 months into the school year and I’m finally finding my groove; it feels good. Now that my norms have been established (and reestablished), I’ve switched LMS’s, and my students have memorized all 70 of their passwords they are finally learning the awesomeness that lies within technology in education. Although they are now comfortable, we now enter a new challenge – not getting bored!


October- It’s time to Build

October- It's time to build!

I can remember playing Jenga as a child, remember that? It was so cool when you were building it, but it was eventually meant to tumble down. I think this is an analogy of many of our lives at some point! I can honestly say that I have put more effort into building solid foundations for relationships, my classroom, and life in general this year but of course other parts of my life seem as if they are tumbling down!  (more…)

I’m On Edupreneur Today!

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If I could ask myself how I do it all, I’d really have no answer. Isn’t that what happens to most of us? I mean, being a teacher is no easy fete and most of us do MORE than teach. Whether you’re juggling work and kids or maybe work and being an edupreneur, we all appreciate a pat on the back every now and then.

I got that pat when I was asked to complete an interview for Edupreneur Today. I always love to see women pushing through whatever to accomplish their goals. I hope you’ll head over and read about my journey and peak around the amazing website Kiana has created for people just like us!!!

Tell me what you want!!!

Hey Friends!!! I know it’s been awhile, but I can tell you exactly why it’s been so long in one word- life. Life got me y’all….and it got me GOOD. If I haven’t shared before, I just started a pretty intense PhD program at University of Georgia and it’s based about 2 hrs from my house. This means drives to and from campus bi-weekly and off campus visits on the other weekends. On top of that we  have intense work and home workloads and then I’m a mommy and wife too. See, I told you….life got me.

However, I’ve got some exciting opportunities in the near future and I want to share and have my blogger friends be a part of it!!!! I recently saw my blogging mentor (in my head) share that you really should find out what your reader wants and hone in on that, so that’s what we’re going to do! Ready?

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