33 Fridays: Influenster

180 Days to Happy- 33 Fridays

You ever seen something on IG and said “OMG I wish I could get that
“?  This is exactly how I felt the first time I saw a post about an Influenster box! I had to do my own snooping and found out I was just a survey away from free goodies in my mailbox too. Maybe I’m making the process a bit more simplistic than it is (probably not though), but I have grown to love Influenster emails almost as much as UPS notifications. 


If you don’t know what Influenster is, it is a website aimed at sharing the “goodness” of products among like people. Pretty much, it’s a way for you to learn about products with REAL feedback and from REAL people you may know and trust. I have received about 5 boxes over the course of a year and each time it’s been a great experience. I’m asked to share my honest opinion with you, my reader. I do this through Instagram, Twitter, and of course here on the blog.

The most recent Influenster box was the Wellness Voxbox. I got it about two weeks ago and I think I’m ready to share alllll the goodness with you today! If you missed my my unboxing on Periscope, here’s a preview from the good people at Influenster.




This box had two Attitude  products. A shampoo and body wash 2-in-1 and a dish-washing liquid. I will be perfectly honest and tell you, the shampoo didn’t stand a chance in touching my hair! I am a curly girl and my hair is super dry so I have to be really careful about shampoos and especially hypoallergenic ones. I did however use it as a body wash and I love it. I think it gives my skin a clean feeling and there’s no filmy feeling, but it also smells pretty good. The dishwashing liquid was good, for basic dishes. I tried to use it for my greasy pans and it just didn’t sud or clean to my liking. I would definitely continue to use their body products and their offering 40% off your first order so you have nothing to lose.

Ok, I have to calm myself before I tell you about how much I love this product. I am usually a Jergens lotion user, so I was super excited to get a sample of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer . I started using it two weeks ago and haven’t put on lotion since. Seriously. I have dry skin and I was soooo happy to see how good my skin looks and feels. This moisturizer works by applying it after your last rinse in the shower, but before you dry off. Even with just 30 seconds to sit, the moisturizer soaks in and leaves your skin feeling great. Along with ease of use, I have saved myself tons of time because I’m done once I leave the shower! Try it, I promise you it won’t be disappointing.



If I had a dollar for every exercise app I have, I could probably go buy myself a nice meal. We were asked to download and use the YAYE app for a week with friends in a group. I downloaded it with excitement mostly because I’m a sucker for a good logo, lol. After download, I wasn’t too impressed. I think this app has good beginnings, but it does need some more work…or maybe I just need more friends who work out!!!

This isn’t everything from the box, but I will be back to share the rest of my opinions about the goodies I received next week! If you would like to sign up for Influenster don’t hesitate!! What’s better than trying cool new things centered around your likes?!?

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  1. “If I had a dollar for every exercise app I have, I could probably go buy myself a nice meal.” Hahahaaha! YES! I’ll be eating with you!! 😉

    And I signed up!! 🙂 Impatiently awaiting my first box!

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