Business Tools in your Classroom: Typeform

Business Tools for the Classroom- Typeform

As teachers we are always asked for data. Most of the time a survey is an easy way to collect data when you’re completing a task. However, over the years we have seen every form, survey monkey, and questionnaire possible- correct me if I’m wrong. Over the summer, while completing some personal PD I happened to run across a game changer for surveys forms, and even evaluations- Typeform.

Typeform is by far one of the most intriguing tools I’ve come across in recent years. It offers a plethora of ways to use forms and boasts an unmatched intuitive nature that will allow you to create and launch in less than 5 minutes. So, how does this translate to use in your classroom? Professional Development? Typeform has a pretty cool assortment of templates. These range from surveys to sign-ups and everything in between. My first use was for a PD I was giving where I wanted my teachers to be able to analyze data as soon as it was given through their device. I loved using Typeform for three reasons, which you can translate in your life for many uses.

Ease of creating

As fun as the templates appear, they truly are fun to use! I love that each of the survey’s comes packed with TONS of options and allow you to customize them from beginning to end. Although each template comes with questions in place, you can change the format and flow of questions for your liking. This is key for you in the classroom, because it will offer you flexibility when crunching data and can give you ONLY the things you need. Want to take away a question or maybe just reword it? You can do it with a click of the mouse.


Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform


It’s Eye-Catching

Let’s be honest, a survey is a survey…is a survey. However, when you throw in some color, themes, and maybe even a few gif’s it’s amazing! Typeform is packed with all of the graphics that your users will find interesting and engaging. From social media to sports they are there! You can host any type of survey you ever imagined!!!

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform

Straw Poll

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform


Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform


Data is EASY to read

If you’re a blogger or maybe even teaching about analytics, this is a cool tool to have! I can’t imagine the data you could get and share with this in place!

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform
Depending on how you have to disseminate data, using an excel spreadsheet may be the best way. Typeform has you covered! You can download any information you’ve collected and get it in .xlsx format, then sort and filter.

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform
I love having this up while people are completing the survey. Students and parents are always in awe as the data changes right before their eyes. Using the live link, you can monitor change over time, between class periods, or demographics.

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform

Live Data Feed

Business Tools in the Classroom-Typeform

The metrics tool in Typeform allows you to “see” information in a visual manner. Think of ways to differentiate and really drive your data home for students. If you’re using this outside of the classroom, you can always look for trends for customer/visitor data for reference

.Business Tools for the Classroom- Typeform

I could go on and on about how amazing Typeform is, but you won’t really know it until you try it. If you’re an educator, you should be happy to know that everything I am posting about (features) is FREE! Students can sign up with their Google account ( go GAFE schools) and get started today! Just in case you’re not convinced, check out Typeform’s video to help you see just how amazing it is!!!

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