Currently September

 If there’s anything I look forward to as a teacher blogger, it’s the monthly Currently link-up hosted by Farley of Oh’Boy 4th Grade! Here it is folks…What I’m currently up to!

180 Days to Happy- Currently september

  • Listening to my kiddo talk to me about his reading log. Opinions on those? It is a good motivator, but he likes to ready anywho! I like it to use as a tool for our schedule at home more than anything.
  • Loving that I just got a hold of grading and finally figured out how to fix my gradebook since we recently switched to semesters in my class. It was tricky and compounded with meetings EVERY day…I finally got around to it.
  • Thinking that the fact that I have about 60million pages to read this week is draining. I am into week 3 of my Ph.D. program and beginning to feel like I’m getting my butt kicked. I have to figure out a way to write down my deadlines and I did by a new Erin Condren notebook to help me out.
  • Wanting Friday to hurry along since we’re headed away for our yearly family vacation. Although it’s a “vacation” it’s really a trip for our families children. We pack up about 60 people and just enjoy ourselves and I can’t complain.
  • Needing every minute of the beach. I know I will end up taking homework with me, but it will be different with the ocean in the background and sand in my toes, right?
  • I love goal setting and these three things I’ve been pondering as goals for my life as a whole. We have to stop and really enjoy every moment we’re given and savor the memories. In order to do this, being able to prioritize is key! While you’re at it..Smile!!!!

Happy September

6 Responses to Currently September

  1. Diana Schuda says:

    I enjoyed reading through your Currently. Kudos to you for feeling caught up with work AND for working on your PhD. That is awesome! I just finished 12 hours of grad school this summer and it was such a great feeling to be done. I love your goal of taking time to breath, I think that is so important. Have a wonderful time at the beach! 🙂

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Diana, now more than ever I desperately NEED those moments to just breathe. Isn’t it amazing how good we feel afterwards? Congrats on your grad work, too!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I love going to the beach. It needs to cool down a bit here in Texas for me to make the trip, though. Hope you enjoy your time there!

  3. Amy says:

    Wow! PhD program. I am impressed. Enjoy your weekend trip!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Amy, I’m probably just as shocked as you are impressed! I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it…so far! Thanks for the well wishes.

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