Tips to make sure you Fail Better


180 Days to Happy- Fail BetterI can tell you now, I have failed. I have failed so many times and I’d rather not mention them. Until recently, I would have beat myself up and really just got into a rut about it-things have changed. Thanks to time, wisdom, and life experience I have learned how to fail better. I know it sounds ridiculous, because how can one “fail better”. Here’s how, own it. Admit that you have failed and simply commit to doing better.

I was chatting with a friend recently and she was coming down on herself about not being able to do what she deemed her best. Without a whole lot of details, we came to the realization that her best was a huge leap from her current standing. Instead of saying “I quit”, because she hadn’t done her best, I asked her had she done better than she has previously…her answer was yes. Our conversation continued and ended with us both knowing that our best, could possibly be your “better” at the moment. [, but we can’t be our best over night. However, when we stop trying to get to our best that is when we ultimately fail ourselves.

We have to stop beating ourselves up because we haven’t made Buzzfeed for the most beautiful classroom setup, maybe you didn’t get that beginning of the year booklet out when you wanted, or maybe you just haven’t stuck to the eating better you said you would. Take a minute and just decide to do better!

To use myself as an example, this weekend I started my Ph.D. program and to say I was tired would be an understatement. I honestly had all plans to batch create my posts for the week and had them labeled in Evernote; then Saturday happened. I couldn’t bear to keep my eyes open past 11pm, the time when I finally had a second to write. Then came Sunday, I failed- again. I stayed in bed later than I’d hoped. I picked up books from the library (for my classes). I did grocery shopping. However, with all of these accomplishments I failed to write. I thought “I’ll just throw up a post Sunday night…it’ll be ok” and it still didn’t happen(I stopped myself because, it’s only the best on my blog in 2015). This brought me back to an epic fail feeling and then I remembered, it’s ok to fail, but just fail better. Failing better for me, means that I thought of this post and really dug deep to write even though it is late. I wasn’t going to sell myself shorter than better for the sake of posting; I chose to fail better!

180 Days to Happy- When you fail, Fail better.

We set the bar so high that we can sometimes forget we are going to fail in some area(s) of our life at any given moment and on any given day. You cannot win in every area of your life every day…something will fall by the way-side. While failing, just remember to make every other area of your life better! I may have failed as a blogger this weekend, but I succeeded at being a frugalista (I got my books for $.free99 from the library for 3 of my classes). I may have failed at being a blogger this weekend, but I blew mommy duty out of the water. Although I may have failed at being a blogger this weekend, I was the wife I wanted to be as I sat in the theater and forgot about that failure and enjoyed the quiet moments with my husband. Guess what, I failed better because here I am a day late with the post I’d intended to post…but I am here even better than I was yesterday! Don’t get stuck on what you haven’t done.

When you fail, just fail better!

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