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180 Days to Happy- Google in the Classroom My school is now Google enabled! HELP!!!!!

Yep, friends this is a post to reach out to you for expertise. I am a techie person (that’s what I’ve been told), but I’ve only used Google as a personal consumer. A few years ago while I was working on my Ed.S. I was introduced to the wonderful world of google docs and when Chrome appeared, my life changed forever. I am forever amazed at the amazing things I’m able to do with Google and the fact that they are forever growing. I was all ready to endure another year hearing about the amazingness of Google Apps for Education or GAFE, but then the heavens opened when my district decided we are jumping on the Google bandwagon. However, now I just don’t know where to start with Google in the Classroom!

I have come to grips with the fact I have nearly no idea on how to truly use Google in the classroom. Over the past few years, I’ve used Edmodo to make my paperless classroom dreams come true and I just don’t know how/if i want to part with it. I do have some ideas and I’ve downloaded Google Classroom, but friends…that’s where it ends!

So, today I decided to host a pop up linky! Since we are all friends, I knew that if I needed help YOU were the people I could trust to truly guide me.  If you have any posts, infographics, or just a good set of information link it up here so that if someone else is in my shoes (I’m sure there are tons of us) we can spread the wealth of knowledge I know my PLN has harnessed. I can’t wait to see what we share & thanks for alllll of your help!!!

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  1. Natasha Rachell says:

    Hey lady! I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Google Classroom. Check it out….you may find some ideas….also, our district is thinking about switching over and one of my colleagues is the resident Google master for this project…I will connect ya’ll on Twitter!

  2. Wow! How I not even HEARD of Google Classroom? I’m interested to learn more!! I’m wondering if it has helpful homeschool-esque opportunities!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Girl!!! This is like Edmodo, but for Google and with all of Google’s tools, tips, and tricks! I am sure there are homeschool communities that you could join and link up with!

  3. I did a blog post about using #gafe tools #goobric and #doctopus with Google classroom. Great real-time feedback tools and all free and user supported.

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Jeremey, I looked at your link and wow that’s some good stuff! I can’t believe I’ve been missing all the goodness of Google in the Classroom!!!! I look forward to learning.

  4. I’d LOVE to chat about Google Classroom – check out my resources at and look for the Google Classroom of Awesomeness!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Mande, if you have a specific post you’d love for us to see add it to the inlinkz in the post! I can’t wait to visit your sites and soak in some knowledge.

  5. My district doesn’t have Google for the Classroom, but I’m a firm Edmodo supporter. I’ve been using it faithfully for six years and I’d find it hard to make a switch. I’ll be looking for posts though as you start this new adventure because who knows…maybe one day I might be in your shoes with this same thing! 🙂

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