33 Fridays: Free Digital Books

180 Days to Happy- Free Digital Books

I have a confession. I am a known frugalista, maybe even borderline “cheap”. Yes, I am that girl that is forever down for a deal and is known to prefer the cost being free. However, I am also a fan of convenient and simple to use without losing the things I enjoy doing; One of those things being reading. So, when I found out I could get free digital books directly to my devices I was absolutely amazed!
Overdrive AppAbout  3 summer’s ago, I was introduced to the app Overdrive. You see, I am the person who never really got books for free from the library because I always ended up paying a fine (books ride around in my car, sorry). I had to find a way to eliminate this and still patronize my local library. This app is linked directly from your local library and allows you to rent books for the same cost- free! You only need two things to get started, a library card and digital device. For me, it also worked better to have the Kindle app downloaded on my ipad or iphone.

With the click of a few buttons you can take books, audio-books, magazines, videos, and so much more anywhere you go! I have fallen in love with the app and really enjoy using it, as does my 7 year old. It is extremely easy to use and offers many of the same books you can find in your library.

Although it is amazing there are a few exceptions to it’s accolades:

  • Book selection varies from library to library. My local library only allows me to check out 3 titles at a time, but my friend in Ohio is allowed to check out 21!
  • Not all books in the library can be found on Overdrive, but remember it’s FREE so there really isn’t too much to complain about here.
  • Newer books can be REALLY hard to come across and will have very limited copies available.

Where there are drawbacks to the app, here are some that will convince you to come back again and again:

  • NEVER incur late fees again!!!! Books are automatically “removed” from your device when the rental term is over.
  • Hold books and you receive an email when they’re ready or you can have them automatically download to your device.
  • Books will automatically sync where you left off between devices through the Kindle or Nook app.

As we have entered the digital reading age, I have always been afraid that we would really lose the nostalgia of books. This app has truly changed my  mind and allowed me to enter the new era with an unbridled love. As well as free digital books for personal use, many school libraries are using Overdrive and offering students an opportunity to enjoy books this way as well! I can only rave about this free tool that is sure to bring a smile to your face and keep a few pennies in your pocket!

What do you use for reading digitally? Do you love Overdrive too?

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