Investing in Yourself

180 Days to Happy- Investing in Yourself

Invest- to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something: to furnish with power, authority, rank, etc.:

According to Websters Dictionary, the word invest has multiple meanings. Some involving money, but the most poignant definitions have everything to do with you. Yes, you the person reading this! It has taken me a long time to realize just how powerful this one word is and how critical it is to my well-being, but now I want you to know why investing in yourself shouldn’t be an option.

Since beginning my new position and my blog, I have learned A LOT! I am no expert in any particular area, but I am always working to be knowledgeable in a tad bit of everything. From fiddling with coding, to installing plugins on this here blog, and of course digging deep to teach business to my eighth grade students. Over the past year I’ve really worked hard to invest in myself in order to become the best Racheal I can be.

Over the summer, when I had some “real time” I told myself I would really push and focus on me. So that meant many things I’ve mentioned before . I listened but honestly, until I made the decision to do it was just a mere thought of the manor of success I could manage.

180 Days to Happy- Investing in Yourself (2)

This summer I made mulitple small sacrifices like, forgoing music on a 6hr drive to listen to 4 Hour Workweek and listening to new podcasts. These small decisions inspired me to make bigger investments like updating my blog,  reintegrating social media in my work life and building my PLN. Still minimal, these nearly cost-less investments encouraged me to make more substantial investments. How’d I do that? I Invested in tools for my blog ( ex: co-schedule, Popupally, etc. ), participated in challenges by seasoned professionals to increase my overall network and networth.  But you want to really know what the investment was? I acted on things I was learning. In order to reap the benefits of your investment you must act, no matter how small or large. Yes, my days have become longer and I have to do things that I don’t want to do (I’d  rather be napping) to get the progress I want! My alarm goes off at 430 and I’d much rather sleep, but the time I have must be well managed to get where I want to be; I’m making an investment!

As women, we are told how we should behave by society. We are told how to raise our children, the careers we “should” have, and even the manner in which to speak. I want you to know that you are your biggest investment. Don’t let ANYONE stop you from being YOU! Your job, circumstances and life cannot be controlled by others. Take the time, you should protect, and use it to make you a better person. Don’t be afraid to spend that $15 for an email upgrade or a meal out within your budget.  In order to reap all of the benefits of investing in yourself, you have to be a bit selfish and even more determined. Which is all ok…you’re you and that’s what investing in yourself is all about, after-all!

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