33 Fridays: Planners

33 Fridays- Finding Planner Peace #thefoxyfix #maydesigns

Fridays are special, but maybe EXTRA special for teachers, right? As you may have noticed there’s a tab now with the word Loving. This little tab will come alive each and every Friday of the school year with something that is tickling my fancy and making my life better. Let’s go on a journey of 33 Fridays!

I am here to proclaim that I survived the first week of school! Along with the first week of school, I managed to juggle football practice, multiple phone calls to get details about my impending entrance back into school AND a work trip for the Mr.  I can tell you that I don’t know how I do it, but I do and it’s one word; Plan. Although you can’t “plan” your life, you can lay a good foundation for the way things will go. It has taken me a few years to really find my way with planning, but over the past six months I think I’ve finally found my groove. I am going to show you the planners I am currently using daily and why I love them.

Foxy Fix (wide) with May Designs books



THIS PLANNER IS AMAZING! To be perfectly honest, it’s not necessarily a “planner”. The Foxy Fix is more of the house for the May Design books, which allows for multiple ways to organize and combine inserts to your liking. I think I found “planner peace” with this because I needed an academic calendar, but I wanted to keep my personal calendar and my lists in one place.

33 Fridays- The Foxy Fix #planner

33 Fridays- May Design Books #planner


With this combination, I am able to maintain almost all aspects of my life in one place. Each of these company’s offer high levels of customization (think colors, monograms, and charms…oh my!), which I love and really allows you to make it yours. For instance, you can choose lined, academic layout, health and fitness insides for your May Designs book.  Although I do enjoy decorating, I’ve found that I am a “more is less” girl and take time to decorate my monthly view with less of a focus on the days/weeks. Want more info? Follow @thefoxyfix and @maydesigns for updates on their shops and sales!


33 Fridays- Planner Peace #planner

P.S. I know we all like to save a buck, or three, so scour the internet ( or type the company name + coupon code) to save it or sign up for May Design books email and get 20% off your first purchase!

33 Fridays- Finding Planner Peace #thefoxyfix #maydesigns (2)

Blue Sky Day Designer

33 Fridays- Blue Sky Day Designer #planner


After I got my “personal” life planning together it was time to organize for my blog. I saw the Blue Sky Day Designer on Instagram and didn’t think I could make it work with the hours since I work a 9-5, it just seemed frivolous.

33 Fridays-  Blue Sky Day Designer #planner

33 Fridays- Blue Sky Day Designer #planner


That was until Target decided to collaborate and bring us the smaller version with the most amazing layout. Funny story, I asked a girl in a planner group to grab me a Happy Planner (she did), but I saw this planner and I had to let her know I didn’t want it anymore…crazy?!?!? I debated on a larger size, but the 5×8 size is perfect for daily planning and accommodates just enough so I don’t get overwhelmed.

33 Fridays- Blue Sky Day Designer #planner

My most favorite thing about this planner is the to-do list to the right and a place to right information on the left. This allows me to see the week and day at a glance and jot down things as I need to see them. Although I have found my “planner peace” on paper, that isn’t all I use…but that’s another post for another Friday!

Are you a planner girl? How did you find your “planner peace”?

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  1. Love this! 😍 now I want new planner!! Congrats on making it thru the first week of school!

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