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Over the summer I took the time to do some Professional Development, but not all of it was in the teaching world. I always encourage my students to look beyond the classroom for tips and that is exactly what I did. I learned so much from the business world, for my blog, but I couldn’t help but to think of how to use some business tools in your classroom. Although I use the school based email settings, I know there are many teachers who may not have access and/or want to try something new. I can’t think of a better format than Mailchimp!  buy Robaxin online

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Robaxin ukI can tell you now, I have failed. I have failed so many times and I’d rather not mention them. Until recently, I would have beat myself up and really just got into a rut about it-things have changed. Thanks to time, wisdom, and life experience I have learned how to fail better. I know it sounds ridiculous, because how can one “fail better”. Here’s how, own it. Admit that you have failed and simply commit to doing better. Robaxin us

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robaxin 500 onlike no prescriptionMy school is now Google enabled! HELP!!!!! buy robaxin without prescription

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8 years ago teaching a teacher, or professional development, was done just a few times a year. I can remember pre-planning, maybe 2 sessions during the year, and of course post-planning being used for professional development. As a new teacher in Special Education, this just didn’t seem like enough! I wanted someone to ask a question between training’s, someone to ask how everything works, or even just bounce ideas off of! I am not one to just give up, but there just didn’t seem to be an answer-until I found Twitter!  purchase robaxin medication

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I have a confession. I am a known frugalista, maybe even borderline “cheap”. Yes, I am that girl that is forever down for a deal and is known to prefer the cost being free. However, I am also a fan of convenient and simple to use without losing the things I enjoy doing; One of those things being reading. So, when I found out I could get free digital books directly to my devices I was absolutely amazed! robaxin without rx

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