An Ode to Summer

An ode to summerDear Summer,

It’s been real fun. I love the fact that my kiddos and I have moved leisurely through the past 7 weeks and relaxed at our own pace. As I head back into work today, I wanted to say thank you for allowing me the time to create and build. I have had the opportunity to create memories from a new journey in school, new football team for my son, and of course creating a beautiful house for my thoughts aka my blog. Thank you for allowing me to build a stronger community of teachers around me through social media, sharing my love in conferences, and building an amazing group of PD facilitators aka my PLN.

Without being forced back to work, I don’t think I would really appreciate this time and reflect on the ways that I’ve grown. Thank you for the opportunity to make my classroom a better place through collaboration and my own increased professional knowledge.

More than anything, I’ll miss these moments. I’ll miss the long cuddles and lazy mornings that turned into afternoons. The summer rituals of late bed times and even later movie nights. I’ll miss you, but only until next summer when we get to do it all over again!

Peace out summer….let’s get this school year started!

P.S. What ode to summer would be complete without a reflection through a few of my favorite pictures!

I dug deep and said welcome back to my blog in a bigger and much more beautiful way.

Lots of days spent by the pool with my kiddos and family!

Had an AMAZING vacation in Florida…I didn’t want to leave!

I captured some amazing photos on my iPhone after watching tons of tutorials…I’m working on becoming a decent picture-taker!

I visited the campus of UGA and I’m officially a Bulldog, but only for the schooling! Go Buckeyes!!!

I posted my very first product on TPT!


Attempted to take advantage of every selfie shot I could get! lol


Taught my daughter the art of selfies while at football practice!


How was your summer? What are you doing to say goodbye to these days! 




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