Get things done!

How to Get Things Done!

I am sad. REALLY SAD. Today is the LAST Monday of Summer break. For all of those people who comment about how great it is to have the Summer off, it is. Then you go back to work. It never fails that this is around the time where your kids get the hang of sleeping in (and so do you), you’re working hard on something , or you’re just able to relax. Instead of sitting and telling you what I haven’t done this summer, I want to stress the importance of just doing. Here’s how to get things done, ready?

As with anything we do repeatedly, there is often a cyclical pattern. Step 1 leads to Step 2 which leads to step 3, which inevitably causes you to reflect on Step 1 and so on. The same applies here. Today, I’ll use my blog for example. I’ll share with you my goals and how I am going to accomplish them.

Make a list– All summer I’ve listened to podcasts, read books, and really honed in on what it is I want 180 Days to Happy to be. You can tell from the look of the blog that it is simple, which was my aim. Simply me. I want to share my world and what makes it amazing, along with my classroom and keys to success. To do this, I wrote out my goals on blogging. I will blog at minimum, twice a week. Yes, I will get busy. Yes, I will not want to write. No, I won’t let that stop me.

Incorporate tools to help– I know that sharing my message isn’t going to be done with minimal effort, but I “don’t have time”. Instead of thinking I can’t I will make a way for it to happen. Awhile back, I listened to a podcast by Myleik of Curlbox and she mentioned that sometimes she pays for things that she could do, but won’t because it will cost her time. Yes, your time is worth more than money. For instance, I could have installed my own theme, (Yes, YouTube would have helped me) but the time I would have spent researching, attempting, and possibly troubleshooting wasn’t worth it. Instead I paid for installation and it was done correctly, the first time. I have acquired a few tools such as Co-Schedule, Tailwind, and am using Evernote and a planner to help me be organized and stick to my goals. The investment into my goal is key to my success.

Do it– You’re here and so is this post. With the goal in mind and tools in place, I am able to do it. Funny thing is, it gets easier to get things done! Before I came back I made sure that I was mentally committed to the process and worked hard to make sure that I would continue to be successful. Long nights, car rides with phone in hand, and research has helped me get it done! I’ll be honest, it isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. The product I am putting out is mine and I’m proud. More proud than I’ve been since I’ve started and I don’t intend on that changing.

Celebrate it– Hey y’all, my victories may be nominal in some people’s eyes, but they are mine!! I am owning my milestones ( I now have 1k followers on IG woop woop) and making sure that they don’t stop there! I am reflecting and I know that the best is on the horizon and I’m climbing toward it. There have been days where my bed was the ONLY place I wanted to be, but I know that what I want won’t happen on it’s own.

Wherever you are in your classroom, life, or any other venture I encourage you to follow these tips on how to get things done, even when you think you have no time. You owe it to yourself to be AMAZING. Don’t wait! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And don’t forget to celebrate when you’re on your way back to doing it all over again!

How to get things DONE!

What are your tips for getting stuff done?

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  1. Nikki says:

    This has been my shortest summer ever since I transitioned from one position into another one, but I am working to get things done!!!! Done in a timely manner is a huge task in a position where flexibility is a must! Love this post.

    • 180daystohappy says:

      I can’t believe my summer is over (tear). I have learned so much about myself while pushing to get stuff done. You can do it!! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get a planner, that changed my life. Good luck!

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