Flipping the Classroom From the Palm of Your Hand

Flipping the Classroom From the Palm of Your Hand

In a world where so much of our life is conducted, managed, and revised via mobile devices it is always easy to “find an app for that”. Our students are living in front of a glowing screen and it’s getting harder every day to pry them away. But, why pry? The idea of the Flipped Classroom has been around for awhile now, but it is reaching new heights. Why? Because flipping the classroom from the palm of your hand is the easiest way!

I recently read an article that discussed the flipped classroom (most information is given “virtually” and homework/activities are done in class) vs. flipped learning (information is given in virtual modalities inside and/or outside the classroom). Depending on your school and their wifi (mine is so unpredictable) your best bet may be to use that expensive block of technology you may be holding now, your phone! Let’s talk apps you can use and why.

Tools to flip your class before new instruction

Nearpod– Cool way to display powerpoint presentations on mobile devices (ios and android). Students log in using a code you give them and YOU control their screen.You will find FREE presentations that you can use immediately or upload your own.  Wait till their faces light up when only you can flip ahead, it’s amazing! Log in and use the promo code below to get started today!

Edmodo– I’ve used Edmodo for years now and it proves to be a seemless way to share information to students. No matter their device you can share pdf’s (think instructions for a project, class handouts), videos, or almost anything you can imagine! It’s a great way to encourage students to stay actively engaged through discussion that can be tightly monitored by the teacher.

tools to flip your class during new instruction

Remind– Once you’ve introduced the students to information, it’s important to follow up. Remind offers you the ability to “chat” with students (think office hours vs. tutoring), send messages to remind a group and/or specific students, and share documents. As a teacher, the best part of this app is that it’s SAFE! Teacher’s can print transcripts of texts for documentation and provide parents and teachers with a place to communicate. It will take you 15 seconds to sign up, do it NOW!

Screencastomatic– Have you ever wanted to show the students how to do something on the computer? How to access an assignment? How to turn it in? Screencastomatic is THE EASIEST way to show whatever is on your screen. For students who may not have access to Power Point at home, you could screen cast and add your commentary for students to access through Edmodo!

Tools to flip your class after new instruction

Kahoot– Game based learning was all new to me until last year. Kahoot allows you to “play” while learning, using a mobile device. Teachers can create quizzes that are accessible with a game code and review and/or preview information. This is a great way to get students actively engaged and offers them a new way to “learn” while playing!

Thing Link– Do get to the end of an assignment and have poster board everywhere? Tired of getting the same assignment back year after year? Thing Link is a great alternative and is a digital poster that can be shared. Students can use pictures they find and add information ( videos, facts, etc.) to the board. Best part about it? No poster boards in class!!! Students can turn them in via a LMS or even Edmodo!

These apps and websites are key to ensuring students are able to access your classroom information oustide of your four walls. Don’t be afraid to jump in with one and let your students see what flipped learning can look like! Its fun and easy, flipping the classroom from the palm of your hand!

 What are you using? Plan to use?

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5 Responses to Flipping the Classroom From the Palm of Your Hand

  1. Trinecia W. says:

    I tried Nearpod and I love it. I am thinking about flipping my class this year. I think this will be a great resource. I hope I win the Gold membership. It looks like the homework addition will really help with the flip model. Thank you for the recommendation.

    • 180daystohappy says:

      I love Nearpod!!! All of the new features are super and cool and I love how easy it is to use for teacher and student. Good luck!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      I hope these tools help you in the classroom this coming year! Flipping your classroom is an amazing experience that you and your students will love! Have fun!!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the great post (and for the Nearpod shoutout!…I manage PD initiatives at Nearpod :). Nearpod is great for flipping your classroom (presenting new info @ home), too! Try giving students a presentation in homework mode. They can access your lesson at their own pace, and you can get assessment data to plan class time (problems, projects, etc.).

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