Welcome Back

welcome back

For a few weeks I seriously gave “quitting” some thought. As you can see, I’m saying welcome back. For this, I have the Summer and my students to thank. I didn’t know if I was cut out to blog anymore. I hated everything about my site. I didn’t like the topics I was “writing”. I didn’t like anything. It was a do or “let the blog die” situation. Then, it dawned on me that these are the same feelings my students may have as I introduce blogging in my classroom. Giving up, because of a bit of adversity, isn’t a choice I choose; My decision was made.

Coming back to my blog wasn’t a decision I made with just my students in mind, or that I took lightly, but I realize that it’s so much more. About a year ago, I started this blog and it has truly been a blessing. Not only to me, but to my classroom and personal life as well. My blog is the place I can be me. I can share information. It’s the place I’ve connected with SO many people and learned SO much. I couldn’t dare say goodbye to that. I’m not completely finished with everything (you’ll see some updates to the logo and other small things in just a few weeks), but I couldn’t wait to get back and get allll the good stuff I have in my head out to you! So instead of giving up, I chose to dig deep. I’ve been reading, reading, reading, but most of all I’ve been doing.

What have I been reading?

-Mattie of Mattieologie.com. I am SO proud to call Mattie a friend of nearly 10 years. We have watched each other grow from girls roaming around NYC, become wives, and now moms! Her blog is flourishing and if you’re looking to grow your business and/or blog she’s got a podcast you HAVE to listen to!!!!

The 4-Hour Workweek – Anytime I have extended time away from work I try to indulge in some reading and this book was a great choice (I listened to it on a 6hr drive)! I am always looking for a way to improve my ability to get stuff done and this book encourages the idea of minimalistic living. Although this book is written with a 9-5er in mind, it certainly offers tips to increasing productivity for anyone. Go read it!

Imperfect Concepts . Somehow I stumbled upon this Instagram feed and blog. She discussed passive income and I was hooked! I couldn’t stop thinking about doing something with the idea of passive income and it’s amazing how the stars align, because this inspired another thing I did this summer (more about that later).

What have I been doing?

-Tada! I redid my blog. I. LOVE. IT. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I’d say it’s pretty fabulous!!! I’m super in love with my blog now. Have you ever redecorated a room in your house and you feel like it’s brand new? Consider my blog that room. I can’t stay away from here, which will hopefully give room to more content and more connections.

-I have been more active online. Last summer I re-entered the world of Twitter as a professional. It has been the MOST amazing summer as I’ve gotten more in touch with my PLN (Personal/Professional Learning  Network) and I have had the chance to learn an enormous amount from the comfort of my couch, computer, or phone! If you’re there tweet me and be sure to join a chat sometime, @180daystohappy. A great “newbie” chat is #teacherfriends. Find the hashtag and join us Monday’s at 9.

– TPT. Through an instagram challenge (#tptsellerschallenge) I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Teachers Pay Teachers, as a seller. I don’t have a lot of products offered, just yet, but it’s put an amazing extra oomph into my life. I hope to share the things I create for my classroom and see them help others. So, stop by and follow my store so you don’t miss anything for your classroom.

– Plan. Plan. Plan. Isn’t that what the summer is about? I am entering school, again, and need some plan in place to make the transition just a little bit smoother. I know I won’t have it all together, but a plan in place is worth a try. More about the tools I’m using to organize my life later!


What did you accomplish so far this summer? Tell me on Twitter!!! And Follow along!

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