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buy RobaxinSo you’ve decided to introduce blogging in the classroom? Or maybe you’re on the fence about why you should? Obviously, if you’re reading this, you are perhaps into blogs (I’m just on a hunch since this is a blog). Think about the skills that you’re using as you’re reading this post. Inference (Did you look at the title and think this may be of some interest to you this year)? 21st century skill (Navigating the internet, checking a bookmark or email, typing in a web address)?  or maybe you’ll exercise the skill of connecting with the world (Writing a comment, sharing this post with a colleague, or even retweeting it to your Twitter feed)? Any way you think about it, blogging offers a plethora of ways to offer your classroom a new opportunity to incorporate standards in a new and engaging way.

If you’re debating blogging in the classroom, here are a few reasons you can’t say no!

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Blog Hop hype button (1)

As we head back into the classroom, I think it’s a good idea to really sit down and think of what makes you “tick” as a teacher. I participated in the blog hop hosted by Whitney of Robaxin uk to do just that! Thanks for making me think of ways to take my beliefs to actions in the classroom!

Robaxin us

robaxin and orgasm

robaxin 500 onlike no prescriptionDear Summer,

It’s been real fun. I love the fact that my kiddos and I have moved leisurely through the past 7 weeks and relaxed at our own pace. As I head back into work today, I wanted to say thank you for allowing me the time to create and build. I have had the opportunity to create memories from a new journey in school, new football team for my son, and of course creating a beautiful house for my thoughts aka my blog. Thank you for allowing me to build a stronger community of teachers around me through social media, sharing my love in conferences, and building an amazing group of PD facilitators aka my PLN.

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order robaxin on line

By this point in July, almost all stores are entering the Back to School Shopping season. For teachers, this signals the end of our Summer (mine is O-V-E-R) and the emptying of our pockets for our classroom. It is my theory that every back to school season deserves some type of “newness” from supplies, to themes, and especially your wardrobe. However, after shopping for your classroom your closet often ends up as the least likely thing to be shopped for. This year, instead of putting yourself to the side, on the merit of frugality, I want to show you 5 places you should be doing your back to school shopping for yourself as a frugalista!

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Imagine this, you’re in search of a new car. While taking a daily stroll you see that car you’ve been eyeing and all of the stats that make it a “good buy”. You’re sold, but instead of going in a bank or having to write a check, you can do this all while continuing to leisurely stroll. Now, imagine this could happen in your classroom! Well, stop imagining it can happen because it can via social media. Social media has changed our lives as consumers so why should not for our students! Instead of “tutoring” why can’t you have mobile office hours? In combination with a study guide why not have a power hour crash course the night before a test. You can do all of this and from the palm of your hand using social media in the classroom. I always look for ways to enhance student learning and use what they already have, to increase learning. So why not social media? Good question, here’s why you should be using social media in the classroom and a few tools to get you started. robaxin without rx

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