A Teacher’s Summer

A Teacher's Summer

As we, teachers, know Summer is often the time we work the most. I have found myself fully engulfed in “work”; I’ve been “off work” for 2 weeks. A teacher’s summer isn’t just pools, beaches, and adult beverages and this one is no different for me. I’ve been the taxi for two boys in summer camp, a teacher/student in a seminar and most recently I’ve become a teacher entrepreneur via Teachers Pay Teachers. Some may say that it’s unnecessary, but I’m super excited to have time to get the prep work done for what will most definitely be a fun and exciting year. I will say that adding the word “entrepreneur” to my repertoire hasn’t been easy, but neither is a teacher’s summer….let’s talk about it!

This summer I decided I was going to do more for me. I had to make my “teacher’s summer” count, but I couldn’t decide how. Then, along came the #tptsellerschallenge. Thank to this fun challenge and hashtag I had my interest piqued. A few days before I had read an article by Tasha of Imperfect Concepts about Passive Income and BAM! I don’t think that life could have given me more of a hint, but I believed it was time to just go for it. With that, my teacher’s summer added another chapter entitled teacher entrepreneur’s summer.

I decided that this teacher’s summer wasn’t JUST about prep for next year, but it’s about the prep for the rest of my life and how I can make my mark in classrooms beyond mine. Thanks to all of the bloggers who are hosting the #tptsellerschallenge and a nudge from the universe, I am introducing my very first product TODAY!


Makeover Madness #tptsellerschallenge


I hope that you will take a second to view, download, print, share, and leave comment for my product! It took a lot to go for it, but this has already been the most exciting teacher’s summer in a long time! Thanks my teacher friends and colleagues!!!!

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    Welcome to the world of TpT!

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