Take a peek in my Teacher Bag!

Take a Peek in my Bag!

I don’t know about you, but my teacher bag also happens to double as an everything bag. Although I wish this wasn’t the case I have come to terms with the fact that it just is. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to share what’s in mine! Ready? Let’s explore…


1. Personal Items. Let’s be honest, stuff happens. Even more often, that stuff happens when you’re least prepared. In my first year of teaching I realized how much my “extra” items are not just for me and I ended up being quite popular for these items in the time of need. This made students feel more comfortable along with the occasional teacher who too needed these items. I have recently fallen in love with Carefree’s Acti-Fresh Liners. They are soooo thin, but so effective. I can wear them to work or the gym and I feel confident the entire time. For me, being comfortable is key and I love knowing I’m able to share comfortable, effective, and efficient liners like these! * I received this product complimentary to test and/or review.

2. Pens. I am a pen snob…I am not ashamed to say that. I keep a stockpile in my bag and regardless  of how many I think I have, I always have a few less. Don’t ask me how they dissapear, but they do!!! Don’t be afraid to tell people no when they ask for one of your favorites (I’ve done it plenty of times) and keep some giveaways handy.

3. Notebook or Planner(s). For some this may mean a more complex system than others, but for me this means my planner and/or another notepad. I’ve written about my planner love, but lately I’ve fallen in love with a much more simpler way of note-taking and planning. I’m looking to downsize and rework my process, but no matter the storage place I always keep a place to jot down notes, ideas, and anything else I need.

4. Pictures. They say scent and songs are some of the strongest memory keeping tools, but for me that also includes pictures. If I’m having a rough day it helps  to be able to open a pocket, take out a picture and take myself to a happy place or just see my own child’s face. Too often we are mother’s, wife’s, sister’s and friend’s who are rushed around and we don’t take time to remember /.the last few minutes of that difficult class, it works!

5. Water. Your body is comprised of 75-80% water and when we don’t have enough of it our body can do very different things. If you’re watching your weight, water can be used as an appetite suppressant because it’s said that hunger is often mistaken for dehydration. I am using a Fitbit now (add me by email racheal.burden@gmail.com) and I am increasing my water intake and it surely makes a difference. I will also say that a little competition never hurt anyone and my Fitbit has pushed me to get those steps!


What’s in your bag? Do you have a few of your favorite things to share?

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