#whattheteacherreads The Great Testing Debate



Well, it’s “that time of year” …testing time. As a teacher and parent, I know that it can be tough and the hours are long. We are also waging a new war across the country with new test in place. In the state of Georgia, we have decided to make our own test and this is our first year of implementation. I decided that this week would only be fitting to dedicate to the great debate of testing. Feel free to leave your comments and let me know how you feel…Happy Testing!

Parent Choice– Before this year I had never heard of parents opting out of testing, but every year brings new challenges. How many parents are opting, their children out of PARCC or your state’s assessments ? What does this mean? I saw this happen at my school, did anyone opt out at yours?

RICO Laws and the Atlanta Cheating Scandal– In case you were under a rock, the Atlanta Public School teachers who were fighting their battle have now been sentenced. I had the time to actually watch the judge sentence each of the teachers and administrators  and I can tell you it was tough. It was interesting to hear different teachers thoughts about the process, verdicts, and sentencing. What are your thoughts?

PARCC & Money– We all know the tests cost PLENTY of money…so what does it mean if the kids aren’t taking it? This article talks about the profound effect the parent protests could have on the children we’re trying to “save”.


I have my own thoughts on testing, but I’ll save those for later. 

How do you feel? Things you liked? Didn’t like?

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