4 Steps to Choosing your Direction

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Isn’t it cool that we can do anything we choose? Our feet will move in the direction we choose. The hardest part is choosing your direction. It seems simple though…choose and go, but why isn’t it? I wish I knew the answer, but I will say that I have found some cool ways to help me find my path. Let’s talk about it.

My blog. This blog. My little piece of the internet has grown to be such a cool piece of me and I only want it to grow. It’s hard to think that in under a year I really embraced the idea of having a sliver of the internet pie and poured my heart out here occasionally. What’s next? Because, there has to be a “next” right? Over the past few weeks I have taken to my friends and asked them to help me in choosing my directions. Here are a few tips they’ve given me:

  1. Read. Read. Read. I have asked for book suggestions and I know that they are coming from a place of love. Over the past two months, I have put the Overdrive app on my phone to W.O.R.K. and it feels good. I’ve read (or listened to) autobiographies, biographies, inspirational books, motivational books, and some fun stuff too. All of these have really helped to ignite the fire in me and helped narrow down where I’m heading.
  2. Ask Questions. As a teacher, I’ve heard the saying “There’s never a dumb question” a zillion times and I stand by it. If you have a question, ask! Don’t hesitate. My classroom is a place of growth and I want that and more for my own life, so I ask questions. I ask people I trust  and some people I don’t know. I ask questions I’ve thought of before and I ask those crazy off-hand questions that pop up in my brain. I ask.
  3. See what others are doing. I have a few places I “see” people on a daily basis and Instagram is the one I check most often. I have started to purge and stop “seeing” people I don’t think are where I want to be. I won’t lie, I do have a more “fun” IG page and there is plenty of foolishness there but it’s not where I spend most of my IG time. I just want to SEE people doing well. I want to see the amazing classrooms and projects that people are doing. I want too see your healthy endeavors and your Etsy shops flourish. I want to see what you’re doing so that I’m encouraged to keep DOing.
  4. Listen. You can ask all the questions, read all of the books, and see what others are doing but if you don’t listen it’s all for naught. Just yesterday I tuned into the Make Things Happen Webinar with @mattieologie and @mayaelious and I actually took the time to listen and I took it to heart. Of course I’ve heard much of it before, but I think the difference is that I didn’t listen. Don’t spend your time sitting in a conference or that overly exciting staff meeting and not listen. Even if there is just one gem, you got something…and run with it!


Although I believe choosing your direction is a “forever task”, I do believe that there are good points along the way to grow. I am choosing my direction and I know there are steps along the way, but those steps will only make me a stronger teacher, mother, friend, and so much more.


What helped you as you are choosing your direction?

Tips? Advice? 

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  1. Myra says:

    Great 4 steps. Thanks for sharing.

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope these steps are as useful to you as they are to me right now!

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