It felt good, but I’m back!

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WOW! You never really know how much you need  a break, until you take one. It’s been an ENTIRE month away from my little blog and it’s been quite the refreshing time. I don’t really know why I didn’t post, but I’m a strong believer that if you aren’t 100% into something…just don’t do it. I can’t say that I’ve been under an overwhelming amount of stress, I haven’t been sick, no new job, and no baby on the way ( I’m not even trying for that one). I have been doing a whole lot of soul searching and just really thinking about a lot of things. I’ve read a few books, I’ve talked to some people about moving forward with my blog, and I’ve just been thinking.

I won’t lie. It. Felt. Good.

It felt good to not stress myself out about writing or sharing my life in bits and pieces.

It felt good to accomplish two MAJOR goals I set out for this year.

It felt good to think of a masterplan with no limits.

It felt good to REALLY take my time and think about things.

It feels good to come back with a clear mind and fresh ideas.

I am refreshed. It’s’ a new month. I’m ready.

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