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Oh the joy of the weekend, I have been BUSY to say the least and I know this is a day late…forgive me! Earlier this week I received the most recent issue of the NEA Today Magazine.  I have always been admonished that as a public school teacher I should be a part of an organization such as NEA and I’m very happy to reap the benefits and protection they offer. I love that they offer articles from a teacher’s point of view and it’s often not an “easy read”, but thought provoking and a true admonishment to be a better teacher and parent. This week, I decided to link all of the articles for #whattheteacherreads from NEA Today Magazine site and  and speak to the teachers we are! I hope you enjoy 🙂


The School to Prison Pipeline– Working in a low-income school has it’s trying moments, I know. However, I think this article hits a home-run when we’re discussing behavior and REALLY teaching our students. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some things that can’t be avoided but I do think there are some things that can be done to make schools a place to learn again.

Professional Pay for Teachers– Too often only teachers are thought about when we speak about pay for teachers. We forget that the people who work side-by-side with teachers, work as “substitutes” when nobody shows, or even tend to our students as clinic aides are well underpaid. This article brings in multiple stories and testimonies of how these people live and what can be done to make it better.

New teachers and Teach for America– Reading this article makes me think, “Where will teachers come from now?” . I don’t blame new teachers for seeking a new career within the first five years; This job is hard. However, programs like Teach for America are often lauded as a great place to go if you’re not in school to be a teacher but have aspirations to become one. I do believe that we need to have training programs that put teachers in multiple classrooms before it’s too late and they don’t truly understand that teaching is MUCH more than “just teaching”.


Thoughts? Do you have input on discipline? New teacher training? Pay increases? 

Let me know!

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