4 Ways to Prevent Brain Overload


4 Ways to prevent Brain Overload

Today I’m home on a “snow day”. We haven’t actually gotten any snow, but it’s raining and a little part of me is hoping that rain =ice. Why? Because the past couple of weeks have brought me some AMAZING ideas and I’m itching to execute. The only problem is, where do I start?¬†Coming up with ideas is hardly a problem for many teachers, but the execution is often where we hit the brakes. I have come up with 4 ways to prevent brain overload for myself and thought I’d pass them along to you, my teacher friends!

1. Don’t stop dreaming up ideas. I am of the belief that when you stop dreaming, you stop yourself! There really isn’t anything wrong with tons of ideas and that is the key to keeping our classrooms alive for our students. When we stop coming up with ideas, our lives can become stagnant and that can send you right back into the brain overload you’re trying to prevent.

2. Write it down!!! The first thing I did today was make a to-do list. It was long and I added to it throughout the day, but I had a guide and goals set. When you know what you need to do, it will keep you on track to actually getting them done. Most of the time, we find ourselves overwhelmed because we have “so much to do”, but don’t do it because you just have “so much to do”. Write it down. Do it!

3. Accept mistakes. Once you’ve started on tasks, you can get so caught up in doing that you can then be sidetracked by imperfections. I can remember people telling me don’t do anything with less than 100% off you. Give it your all, but know that it will not all work out exactly as you want it to. It may take a little while longer, cause more than the number of edits you’d like to have on your product, or just not get done. However, you have the opportunity to get bewildered with the mistake or make a decision to accept it and fix it.

4. Find your happy! As a teacher, so much of my time and efforts are expended in teaching. Quite honestly, I see the 160 students I teach daily more than I see my own children during a school week. It becomes “work” at time to come home and do anything else besides be mommy. Because I know that I am important to my mental health, I have found ways to give back to myself and find my happy. Over the last few months I’ve found a love in Project Life, planners, and now I am using my supplies for my Journaling Bible. Doing these things does take a late night and maybe leaving the dishes until later, but the joy I feel when I see a finished project reminds me why I do it. Take some time and find your happy!

I hope you find these tips to avoiding brain overload useful.

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What are your tips to avoid brain overload? What is your happy?

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