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After missing last week, blame me having a weekend of fun with the Mr. for Valentines day, it’s time to share some goodies with my favorite internet friends. This week, I want to highlight reading in the classroom and the need for diversity in children’s books. I know that this is an issue that teachers face in every area of education and it seems SO hard to manage at times. As a parent, I have an advanced reader that loves to read and I’m always wondering how to increase comprehension and keep his love for reading alive. A few years ago I had a student mention that a presentation we’d had by another school was just “ok”. When asked why he felt like this, he replied “Nobody in the video looked like me. I don’t think I would fit in there”. Since that day I’ve tried to consider my student’s lives when choosing texts and assignments; it works!

I hope you’ll find the articles this week just as engaging as I have….here’s #whattheteacherreads.


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Diverse Students, Diverse Books – This teacher chose to take matters in her own hands when she realized that students were not interested in reading because they didn’t see themselves in the characters! Instead of sitting back, she founded We Need Diverse Books and has helped not only the diverse readers, but writers as well!

Diverse Comic Book Awards – Got an older reader? Maybe a student who enjoys comic books? This article highlights comic books that feature diverse characters and are nominated for the McDuffe award, named after an African American comic writer who encouraged diverse comic books.

Diversity in Books is Growing– According to this article,  “The number of books written by or about African Americans almost doubled last year to 179…”. Growth in diverse books is rising, but this 179 books is a very small fraction of the 20,000+ children’s books published yearly!

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