Reaching New Heights



Reaching new heights As a teacher, mom, and the zillion other hats I wear I think it’s important to always have your eyes on a bigger and ever growing prize. I know that I have worked VERY hard over the last seven years to become  pretty decent teacher. My most recent degree, Ed. S. in Technology in Education was quite the passion project for me and has opened doors I never knew I wanted to be open. As I continue my journey in education, I only hope to keep busting down doors and do new and exciting things with and for my students. My most recent endeavor has been a culmination of ideas and was especially ignited after meeting a few representatives for the Georgia Virtual School last Fall. I have always wanted to venture into virtual education and I’d say with new testing and a growing need for mobile schools, this will definitely be a growing field.

To be employed by some virtual schools, and to increase my marketability, I am in the process of completing a certification for Virtual Teaching in Georgia and will be prepared to apply for a job with the Georgia Virtual School. The TOOL process involves different modules and one of the very first assignments is to start a blog. Interestingly enough, if you’re here you’re probably aware that my blog has been in existence since July 2014…so check that off my list to do! I went back and forth with starting a new blogger “blog” for the sole purpose of chronicling this journey, but thought again when I realized that I’d simply be reinventing the wheel ( and to be honest decreasing the likelihood I’d post here often…if at all).

Starting a blog wasn’t necessarily a hard process. I can remember going back and forth with the idea of beginning 180 Days to Happy and deciding on a platform was probably my most difficult task. Since I’d only ever used Blogger before, I didn’t really know what to do and decided to start a Wix page. Building that page was…interesting, but I didn’t like what I had. Instead, I decided to invest some money and get a template that I could personalize and use WordPress. Less than two weeks after I begain the process with WordPress my blog was up and running. Some people say that this platform is more difficult than another, but to be honest I haven’t had any issues! I like that my teacher blog is somewhat different than most others and it’s just my personal preference to have the layout that I do. Nothing against my fellow teacher friend blogs, but this is the platform I like most.

I imagine that the TOOL process will afford me the opportunity to grow as a blogger, teacher, and communicator by completing tasks and sharing my insight with other teachers and those looking to evolve and become virtual teachers as I am! I hope that you’ll find these posts interesting and engaging and follow along on this fun journey and I continue reaching new heights!!!!!


Are you a virtual teacher? Any suggestions as I begin to move in this direction?

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