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This year I made a decision to create (remember my #onelittleword). Although I want to create many things, a focus is definitely creating a more healthy lifestyle and habits. Yes, I picked this word for me but I knew that it would trickle down to my family as well.  Fast forward a couple weeks into 2015 and I was super happy when I received the email that I’d be a part of the #rockthelunchbox campaign with Influenster !!! I got the cutest little package with some even better coupons and took off to the store ready to shop and stock up our lunch cabinet with some super fresh goodies. Included were coupons for Annie’s, Rudis, Applegate, and Honest goodies that I picked up at my local Target and Kroger. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited, my son got a hold of my groceries and couldn’t wait either 🙂

* I will tell you that lunches packed in my house have become more and more scarce, so this was a more “let’s have snack” trial for us. We used the products in “lunch” form and went from there.

These are the products we received

 – Rudi’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch

Applegate Halftime Lunch Box

Annie’s Frozen Bagel Bites 

Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends 

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 For afternoon snack, my son LOVED the Bagel Bites!!! I didn’t tell him they were any different from anything else, but I did taste one and was quite impressed. The texture was amazing and I he wanted MOREEEEE!!! I take care in asking about how things may be different because I’ve found with kids, that can go left…FAST. So those definitely got two thumbs up!

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I have to admit, I’m probably a bad mom when it comes to fruit juice. With my son, he didn’t have juice until he was probably two but my daughter had her first sip at a much younger age. It is HARD to turn a kid on to a “less sweet” option and this Honest Kids drink was no different. My son had one sip and wanted no more, however my daughter enjoyed it! I’ve come to the decision that I will continue to buy them for her, but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about missing any of these on my son’s behalf…these get a thumbs up, but only from my littlest kiddo.

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This little box, I LOVE!!! Sometimes, we get home and my son is STARVING…that’s more like EVERYDAY!!!!! I picked up this box from Target before picking my son up and it didn’t last five minutes in the house. I had to force him to take the picture before ripping the box open and he sat quietly and ate quickly. I looked at the nutrition and I think this is quite the amazing little thing. This entire box contains less than the amount of sodium in a small lunchable, which is always a win! My son enjoyed the variety of the items in the box which included yogurt and fruit snack! This was a homerun and definitely got two thumbs up, from the kid and me.

Buying a gluten-free bread, interesting thought. I snuck this in at breakfast and snack and didn’t try it myself before asking my son how he felt, “It was weird, but OK” was his response; I tasted it and felt the same. I had trouble finding this bread, but mostly because I didn’t read (lol). It’s found in the frozen aisle and there are TONS of varieties. Since I try to cook a hot breakfast a couple days a week, this flavor seemed a good idea. Along with our bacon and eggs, it was tasty toasted and didn’t really seem that different. There is definitely a difference, but I do like that even after only thawing only half of the bag for the first trial it tasted the same a week later when I unthawed the other half. Great option if you’re going gluten free or just looking to add a healthy option to your raisin bread. From the kid and I, this bread gets  one and a half thumbs up.


As a mom, I love quick snack that works for my seven year-old and twenty month-old. Oh how perfect the Bunny Graham Friends were for this exact purpose 🙂 After opening this bag of bunny’s, it didn’t take long for them to disappear (I may have snuck a few for myself). Of course in a previous, less healthy life, we snacked on cookies, chips, and anything else that was easy to open and feed yourself. I loved how cute the packaging was, how small they are which is super convenient for my little one’s hands, and of course that they both loved them! These snacks were reasonably priced, which will make it much easier for me to buy them again and not be upset that they dissapear quickly! I am sure that my kiddos would give this snack two crazy, wiggly, and happy thumbs up!

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Overall, I was super impressed with the products included in this Voxbox. I love that it encouraged me to try more healthy, yet VERY tasty options for my kiddos. I know that health is important and it starts young, so food is one of the places that we can influence our children to make better choices. Even as a teacher, I know that my students see what I eat and they mimic what they see others do. I am so happy to have been a part of the #rockthelunchbox experience and I will definitely be purchasing these items again for the kiddos (and maybe sneak a snack for mom too).


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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