#whattheteacherreads – January 31


Can you believe the first month of the year is O-V-E-R? It’s been a hectic week and as always I’m so happy for the weekend. I spent the first month of the year setting goals and getting myself motivated and I’m ready for February to really get the routines rolling. I hope that January was a good month for you, but if it wasn’t shake it off check out these articles and lets get ready for February.

Here’s #whattheteacherreads for this week…


Critical Skills Students Need – I took a look at the “new” standardized test for Georgia this week and wow is it different! It is becoming more apparent that students need “new” skills and this article helped me understand how project based learning is quite possibly the key to success in the future for so many students. This post is linked to an article he wrote two years ago, but SO relevant!!!!

Setting Purposeful Goals– As we enter a new year it’s always so refreshing to set goals. This blog post really helped me ¬†understand it’s okay if we don’t start on Jan 1, but make sure your goals are purposeful! Don’t rush the process. I’m so sad I missed out on these Powersheets, but hoping I can get my hands on some soon.

Secrets to Handling Passive Aggressive People– My principal passed this article along to the staff this week and I think this is quite relevant. I have come to realize that you just have to deal with some people “differently” and this opened my eyes to some hints on how to deal with certain people. The next time I incur a passive-aggressive person, these tips will come in handy.


I hope these articles help you as much as they help me. Remember, if there are any articles you’d like to share use the hashtag #whattheteacherreads on IG or Twitter and let me know! Don’t forget to follow me there as well.


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