#whattheteacherreads- January 23


I thought of all of the times I’ve read a great article and wished I could share it with all of my friends. Then I thought to myself, I can! It is my goal to use the blog to collaborate more often with my colleagues and I came up with a cool idea to share a few of my favorite articles or blog posts every Thursday! It might be directly related to education or not. It may be funny, it may be informational, but more than anything it’ll be me sharing a few things I think we may need or that I found enjoyable. No theme. Just GOOD stuff!

Hope you enjoy, these are #whatthetheteacherreads



1. Building your Network–  I ran across Spoonful of Faith on Instagram and fell in love with her prints! Not only are they beautiful, but the artist works a 9-5 along with indulging in her passion via Etsy. She wrote an article about building your network, which in the blogging world and teaching is becoming more important.

2. Juggling it All–  I have had the pleasure of knowing my friend Mattie for nearly 10 years, wow that makes me feel old! Over the past year, she has gone through some amazing changes in her career and personal life. Recently she took some time to discuss her juggling all of these things and how to do it!

3. Teaching about Dr. King– This article. THIS article. Is quite simply all of my thoughts about race, leadership, and responsibility in one post! “Of course, with such power comes great responsibility. Because when it comes to issues of race, we don’t just influence our students during a lesson on Martin Luther King. Rather, we subtly shape their opinions and beliefs in smaller ways every day, throughout the year.”, is just one amazing tidbit from her blog post!

Do you have a post that has been something you’d like to share with our “friends”?

Leave it in the comments or tag me on social media with the hashtag #whattheteacherreads!!! 

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