Celebrating a King



It’s Monday and we have the day off. I’m always so thankful for today because it’s a day to celebrate someone who paved the way for someone like me! I’m able to educate and be educated due to the fight that people like Dr.King risked their lives for.Later, I’ll be celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King but right now I’m sitting at a car dealership. I’ve already been up for almost 3hrs & it’s only 8am. I’ve scrolled through Instagram and followed a few people, which feels especially good after a weekend of little to no social media!

Detox Update

I’ll be honest, Saturday was TOUGH. I went the ENTIRE day without Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I found myself doing lots of other things though, which was fun! I played taxi for my kiddo who had basketball practice and baseball tryouts. I lugged my laptop around, something I usually wouldn’t do, and worked instead of scrolling. By the end of the day I had completed a task that I’ve been putting off for awhile…probably weeks (face palm). Sunday was supposed to be a phone free day, but that wasn’t possible due to me being middle man for plans and emailing on the go. I did purposefully not fully charge my phone and didn’t use it while at dinner or while I was in conversation with others. My mom is in town so I had a chance to really sit down and chat and we discussed project life and just life. I heard zero complaints from my husband and/or son about my phone and I even found myself not caring about Instagram (my main addiction) as much.

For some, these changes may seem nominal but can I tell you that as hard as it was a teachable moment.I say all this to say, force yourself to try something new. Put your phone down and listen. Play with your kiddos and listen when they say “put your phone down”. You may not realize it but the moments we’re holding our phones and looking down, we’re not paying as much attention as we can to the things going on around us. As I sit in this lobby, instead of scrolling my timeline I’ve written this post. Which means later on when I’m sitting down with others, I won’t be thinking that I need to blog. See how that works?

What are your goals for the week? Have you done a smartphone detox?

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