Five for Friday- January 16, 2015

Five for Friday


It’s been awhile and I thought why not a linky party to end the week, which I happen to love! Here is my Five for Friday Here we go…

Five for Friday1

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This week I’ve made a concerted effort to get back into my planner, for real. I think over Christmas Break there wasn’t any urgency and we all know it can be hard to bounce back. I happened to get some REALLY cool stickers from a few shops on Etsy and I am rejuvenated all over again! I know that using my planner is essential to actually getting organized, which I am aiming to do this year so this is a good start. I  have become completely consumed with the planner community on Instagram and it has gotten my wallet in a bit of trouble. In fact, I may have ordered another planner…do you have more than one? How do you use them?

Five for Friday2.

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On Sunday, I ran across this graphic on @theuniqueclassroom Instagram. I have noticed that my husband and my son have really started calling me out on how much I am on my phone. As much as it upsets me, I know their right. I sometimes will wake up out of my sleep check social media and go back to sleep, yep I’m guilty! When I first saw this “detox” I said  I wasn’t going to  even try it, but then I told myself I owe it to my family to stop and really take it seriously. I will say that Monday was probably the BEST feeling ever and I’ve been unsubscribing to those crazy email lists I’ve somehow subscribed to all week. Tuesday, I misread and thought I was supposed to do Wednesday’s tasks (OOPS). However, I went until 10am before I checked social media!!!! May not seem like such a big deal, but that is HUGE for me. Wednesday, I couldn’t figure out how to turn off push notifications so I ignored my phone for the morning again and didn’t immediately answer any alerts. Thursday, I set my phone up in the living room and spent the last hour before bed talking to my husband. Tonight, even if we don’t go out to eat, I will leave my phone at home for an extended period of time. Now, let’s be honest, this weekend is going to be HARD & Sunday…yikes ;( I take pictures on my phone so this could prove VERY challenging and maybe push me to use my DSLR and capture really good pictures. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes…say a prayer for me!

Five for Friday3


I have taken on the task of a bulletin board. Not just any bulletin board, but the BIG one that everyone sees multiple times a day. I was nervous about it at first, but when I introduced the idea of what it will be my students were quite enthused! I will have the help of our uber talented art and chorus teacher and of course some technology using the app Aurasma.  I was thinking that if I get this done it may even be my very first TPT project…we’ll see!!! I’ll be sure to share it when we’re all finished.

Five for Friday4

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I’ve made a sincere effort to do better for myself and this week that means no fried food! Although my family doesn’t eat them often, I know that this is a huge no-no when attempting to drop the lb’s. Even with little time, I managed to pull this off with the help of my George Foreman grill grill. Yep, that college buddy came in handy this week helping me whip up grilled pork-chops and even more lean burger’s without a bun. I know that this alone will not be enough, but I have a half marathon to train for in March  and I have to start somewhere. I’m so intrigued with the #teachersofwhole30 and how encouraging it is. I’m not following the Whole 30 plan, but I am definitely putting my best foot forward to eat clean and it’s not just me that I’m pushing along.

Five for Friday5

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, this may be new to you but I’m an Ohio State fan!!! As an alumnae of The Ohio State University Monday was an amazing day!!!!!! Monday, I came to school decked out in my OSU gear and heard all of the reasons why we’d lose. Tuesday, I came to school decked out in my OSU gear and heard all the reasons we shouldn’t have  won…funny! It’s pretty cool to think that The Ohio State University has won two National Championships since I was a student, the first when I was a freshman. Still brings back amazing emotions and makes me a super proud alumnae.

How was your week?

Anything you’re changing in your life, for the better?

Want to do a Detox round two with me?? Let me know and follow me on Instagram while you’re at it!

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  1. I think we all need a little smart phone detox! Thanks for sharing this, I might have to muster up some courage to try it…

    • 180daystohappy says:

      I won’t lie and tell you that it’s easy. However, I will say that not having a junk-filled inbox everyday is quite nice. I have actually found it rather addictive hitting that unsubscribe button! I also felt myself saying no to scrolling through Instagram while eating dinner and other times I usually am on social media. It’s going to be super hard with NO social media tomorrow and no phone Sunday,but I’m guessing it will force me to pick up my “real” camera which I’ve been itching to use more anyway! I’ll be back next week with an update.

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