Why One Little Word is Not Enough

It’s the weekend. Thank goodness!!!! It always seems like the first week back is SO long, but I’m still in shock we’re halfway through the year. This week was a true test of those New Years resolutions, you know the ones I made just 9 days ago. Ready for an update? Let’s chat about why one little word is not enough…

I’m still stuck on my One Little Word, Create. Just saying the word is forcing me to think differently which was the point. I haven’t necessarily “created” anything, but my mindset is changing. Even my blog, my baby, I’m in a mind to create for it! At the same time, I am beginning to realize that this one little word is not enough. Alone, it does NOTHING. I can’t expect for my life to change because of one little word.

As much as I wish I could say that I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do, I can’t. It’s okay. I’m also bound and determined not to beat myself about it. This weekend, I’m going to sit down and DO the things I need to do so that I can continue to create. What does this mean? I’m going to meal prep, so I can go to the gym and feed my body the food it needs to create the body I want. I’m going to write tasks to complete down and DO them so I can create more time to cultivate the ideas and create in my classroom next week. I am going enjoy the quiet in my house (shhh!!! my baby is sleeping) and finish this post, so that I can DO the things on my task list for the weekend. See how that works? I have to DO so that I can create. That one little word does NOT work alone.

I am so encouraged by all of the teacher bloggers and creative people. YOU ARE AMAZING. Make sure you have that one little word, and you DO the prep work to make that one little word work for you. Don’t have a word yet? Get one! Don’t worry about how “simple” it may seem, I thought create was simple myself, the word forces action. Don’t wait. Don’t second-guess yourself.

DO it, so you can ______. Just remember, One Little Word is Not Enough.

Picked your word already? Let me know! 

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