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#whattheteacherreads – January 31


Can you believe the first month of the year is O-V-E-R? It’s been a hectic week and as always I’m so happy for the weekend. I spent the first month of the year setting goals and getting myself motivated and I’m ready for February to really get the routines rolling. I hope that January was a good month for you, but if it wasn’t shake it off check out these articles and lets get ready for February.

Here’s #whattheteacherreads for this week…


Critical Skills Students Need – I took a look at the “new” standardized test for Georgia this week and wow is it different! It is becoming more apparent that students need “new” skills and this article helped me understand how project based learning is quite possibly the key to success in the future for so many students. This post is linked to an article he wrote two years ago, but SO relevant!!!!

Setting Purposeful Goals– As we enter a new year it’s always so refreshing to set goals. This blog post really helped me  understand it’s okay if we don’t start on Jan 1, but make sure your goals are purposeful! Don’t rush the process. I’m so sad I missed out on these Powersheets, but hoping I can get my hands on some soon.

Secrets to Handling Passive Aggressive People– My principal passed this article along to the staff this week and I think this is quite relevant. I have come to realize that you just have to deal with some people “differently” and this opened my eyes to some hints on how to deal with certain people. The next time I incur a passive-aggressive person, these tips will come in handy.


I hope these articles help you as much as they help me. Remember, if there are any articles you’d like to share use the hashtag #whattheteacherreads on IG or Twitter and let me know! Don’t forget to follow me there as well.


#whattheteacherreads- January 23


I thought of all of the times I’ve read a great article and wished I could share it with all of my friends. Then I thought to myself, I can! It is my goal to use the blog to collaborate more often with my colleagues and I came up with a cool idea to share a few of my favorite articles or blog posts every Thursday! It might be directly related to education or not. It may be funny, it may be informational, but more than anything it’ll be me sharing a few things I think we may need or that I found enjoyable. No theme. Just GOOD stuff!

Hope you enjoy, these are #whatthetheteacherreads



1. Building your Network–  I ran across Spoonful of Faith on Instagram and fell in love with her prints! Not only are they beautiful, but the artist works a 9-5 along with indulging in her passion via Etsy. She wrote an article about building your network, which in the blogging world and teaching is becoming more important.

2. Juggling it All–  I have had the pleasure of knowing my friend Mattie for nearly 10 years, wow that makes me feel old! Over the past year, she has gone through some amazing changes in her career and personal life. Recently she took some time to discuss her juggling all of these things and how to do it!

3. Teaching about Dr. King– This article. THIS article. Is quite simply all of my thoughts about race, leadership, and responsibility in one post! “Of course, with such power comes great responsibility. Because when it comes to issues of race, we don’t just influence our students during a lesson on Martin Luther King. Rather, we subtly shape their opinions and beliefs in smaller ways every day, throughout the year.”, is just one amazing tidbit from her blog post!

Do you have a post that has been something you’d like to share with our “friends”?

Leave it in the comments or tag me on social media with the hashtag #whattheteacherreads!!! 

Celebrating a King



It’s Monday and we have the day off. I’m always so thankful for today because it’s a day to celebrate someone who paved the way for someone like me! I’m able to educate and be educated due to the fight that people like Dr.King risked their lives for.Later, I’ll be celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King but right now I’m sitting at a car dealership. I’ve already been up for almost 3hrs & it’s only 8am. I’ve scrolled through Instagram and followed a few people, which feels especially good after a weekend of little to no social media!

Detox Update

I’ll be honest, Saturday was TOUGH. I went the ENTIRE day without Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I found myself doing lots of other things though, which was fun! I played taxi for my kiddo who had basketball practice and baseball tryouts. I lugged my laptop around, something I usually wouldn’t do, and worked instead of scrolling. By the end of the day I had completed a task that I’ve been putting off for awhile…probably weeks (face palm). Sunday was supposed to be a phone free day, but that wasn’t possible due to me being middle man for plans and emailing on the go. I did purposefully not fully charge my phone and didn’t use it while at dinner or while I was in conversation with others. My mom is in town so I had a chance to really sit down and chat and we discussed project life and just life. I heard zero complaints from my husband and/or son about my phone and I even found myself not caring about Instagram (my main addiction) as much.

For some, these changes may seem nominal but can I tell you that as hard as it was a teachable moment.I say all this to say, force yourself to try something new. Put your phone down and listen. Play with your kiddos and listen when they say “put your phone down”. You may not realize it but the moments we’re holding our phones and looking down, we’re not paying as much attention as we can to the things going on around us. As I sit in this lobby, instead of scrolling my timeline I’ve written this post. Which means later on when I’m sitting down with others, I won’t be thinking that I need to blog. See how that works?

What are your goals for the week? Have you done a smartphone detox?

Five for Friday- January 16, 2015

Five for Friday


It’s been awhile and I thought why not a linky party to end the week, which I happen to love! Here is my Five for Friday Here we go…

Five for Friday1

Photo Jan 11, 2 35 27 PM

This week I’ve made a concerted effort to get back into my planner, for real. I think over Christmas Break there wasn’t any urgency and we all know it can be hard to bounce back. I happened to get some REALLY cool stickers from a few shops on Etsy and I am rejuvenated all over again! I know that using my planner is essential to actually getting organized, which I am aiming to do this year so this is a good start. I  have become completely consumed with the planner community on Instagram and it has gotten my wallet in a bit of trouble. In fact, I may have ordered another planner…do you have more than one? How do you use them?

Five for Friday2.

Photo Jan 13, 5 19 17 PM

On Sunday, I ran across this graphic on @theuniqueclassroom Instagram. I have noticed that my husband and my son have really started calling me out on how much I am on my phone. As much as it upsets me, I know their right. I sometimes will wake up out of my sleep check social media and go back to sleep, yep I’m guilty! When I first saw this “detox” I said  I wasn’t going to  even try it, but then I told myself I owe it to my family to stop and really take it seriously. I will say that Monday was probably the BEST feeling ever and I’ve been unsubscribing to those crazy email lists I’ve somehow subscribed to all week. Tuesday, I misread and thought I was supposed to do Wednesday’s tasks (OOPS). However, I went until 10am before I checked social media!!!! May not seem like such a big deal, but that is HUGE for me. Wednesday, I couldn’t figure out how to turn off push notifications so I ignored my phone for the morning again and didn’t immediately answer any alerts. Thursday, I set my phone up in the living room and spent the last hour before bed talking to my husband. Tonight, even if we don’t go out to eat, I will leave my phone at home for an extended period of time. Now, let’s be honest, this weekend is going to be HARD & Sunday…yikes ;( I take pictures on my phone so this could prove VERY challenging and maybe push me to use my DSLR and capture really good pictures. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes…say a prayer for me!

Five for Friday3


I have taken on the task of a bulletin board. Not just any bulletin board, but the BIG one that everyone sees multiple times a day. I was nervous about it at first, but when I introduced the idea of what it will be my students were quite enthused! I will have the help of our uber talented art and chorus teacher and of course some technology using the app Aurasma.  I was thinking that if I get this done it may even be my very first TPT project…we’ll see!!! I’ll be sure to share it when we’re all finished.

Five for Friday4

Photo Jan 12, 7 08 42 PM

I’ve made a sincere effort to do better for myself and this week that means no fried food! Although my family doesn’t eat them often, I know that this is a huge no-no when attempting to drop the lb’s. Even with little time, I managed to pull this off with the help of my George Foreman grill grill. Yep, that college buddy came in handy this week helping me whip up grilled pork-chops and even more lean burger’s without a bun. I know that this alone will not be enough, but I have a half marathon to train for in March  and I have to start somewhere. I’m so intrigued with the #teachersofwhole30 and how encouraging it is. I’m not following the Whole 30 plan, but I am definitely putting my best foot forward to eat clean and it’s not just me that I’m pushing along.

Five for Friday5

Photo Jan 13, 1 51 43 AM

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, this may be new to you but I’m an Ohio State fan!!! As an alumnae of The Ohio State University Monday was an amazing day!!!!!! Monday, I came to school decked out in my OSU gear and heard all of the reasons why we’d lose. Tuesday, I came to school decked out in my OSU gear and heard all the reasons we shouldn’t have  won…funny! It’s pretty cool to think that The Ohio State University has won two National Championships since I was a student, the first when I was a freshman. Still brings back amazing emotions and makes me a super proud alumnae.

How was your week?

Anything you’re changing in your life, for the better?

Want to do a Detox round two with me?? Let me know and follow me on Instagram while you’re at it!

Why One Little Word is Not Enough

It’s the weekend. Thank goodness!!!! It always seems like the first week back is SO long, but I’m still in shock we’re halfway through the year. This week was a true test of those New Years resolutions, you know the ones I made just 9 days ago. Ready for an update? Let’s chat about why one little word is not enough…

I’m still stuck on my One Little Word, Create. Just saying the word is forcing me to think differently which was the point. I haven’t necessarily “created” anything, but my mindset is changing. Even my blog, my baby, I’m in a mind to create for it! At the same time, I am beginning to realize that this one little word is not enough. Alone, it does NOTHING. I can’t expect for my life to change because of one little word.

As much as I wish I could say that I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do, I can’t. It’s okay. I’m also bound and determined not to beat myself about it. This weekend, I’m going to sit down and DO the things I need to do so that I can continue to create. What does this mean? I’m going to meal prep, so I can go to the gym and feed my body the food it needs to create the body I want. I’m going to write tasks to complete down and DO them so I can create more time to cultivate the ideas and create in my classroom next week. I am going enjoy the quiet in my house (shhh!!! my baby is sleeping) and finish this post, so that I can DO the things on my task list for the weekend. See how that works? I have to DO so that I can create. That one little word does NOT work alone.

I am so encouraged by all of the teacher bloggers and creative people. YOU ARE AMAZING. Make sure you have that one little word, and you DO the prep work to make that one little word work for you. Don’t have a word yet? Get one! Don’t worry about how “simple” it may seem, I thought create was simple myself, the word forces action. Don’t wait. Don’t second-guess yourself.

DO it, so you can ______. Just remember, One Little Word is Not Enough.

Picked your word already? Let me know!