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I can’t believe it’s DECEMBER!!!! I have so many things going on and I am so happy to be so close to the BIG Holiday, Christmas. I love Holiday’s and the joy, excitement, and emotions the months of November and December bring.

This month’s growth area is done with a twist…are you ready?

When we began this journey, I talked about what 180 Days to Happy is. I explained how important it is to set goals, how important self-reflection is, and I even told you how to get organized and gave you $10 to get started so you can continue to progress! Now let’s review how it  ties together and rediscover how  this site will support you as we move through the next month of  180 Days to Happy!

First, Decide what your Personal Truths are. Be honest with yourself and tell your truths. For me, I think of this as my personal 10 Commandments. I won’t list them all, but some of mine are

  1. Give more than you take.
  2. Don’t second guess yourself.
  3. Take a step toward the goal, big or small.

See how that works, these are things that no matter what, I will aim to do through my actions and words. Nothing too lengthy, but I know that these are the things I will continue to live by. This is an exercise in just writing things down and believing in yourself. Don’t second-guess yourself when developing your personal truths, just do it!

Next, pick a growth area. This won’t be hard because we’ll do that for you! Each month we will focus on one area of our life that we will work on in order to build our happiness on solid ground. Our first month’s area is Organize. This may mean anything to you, but it’s about setting things in order!

Thirdly, set goals. Perhaps it’s your classroom as you enter this upcoming year, beginning this school year with a new system of doing things, or maybe it’s something at home that you’ve been meaning to get to but just keep putting it off. Set a goal and write it down. In fact, I admonish you to pick three goals and make them something that will truly begin your day in a more organized way!

Lastly, reflect. As we move through each month, you’ll need to stop and really think about the progress you’re making. Had a bad week? It’s ok!!! Stop, reflect and make a plan! We, as a group, will be here to support each other and make it a supportive act as we reflect and redirect our energy.

I am so happy to have Alicia Cobb and author of The Teachers Work Station as our collaborator this month! As we focus on being Inspired, I want you to imagine and draw from things that currently inspire you. Every day we have the opportunity to share, and draw, inspiration from theh world around us. Use this printable as a way to jot down thoughts and plan your inspiration coming to life.Although we give you the tools, this is your individual journey, so use your teacher skills and differentiate, accelerate, and use various depth of knowledge procedures to increase your growth.  Get  started by downloading our monthly growth area printable  below,  print, and get started!!!! I’ll be back to share my My Action Plan, but review NovemberOctober,  September  , and August,  for ideas!!!

Congrats and welcome to Inspired: December Growth Area !

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