Thankful:My Bucket is FULL

Hellllloooooooo my blogger buddies and readers!!! I feel like it’s been SUCH  a long time since I’ve written anything and I’ve been missing it! Awhile bag, around the time school started, I remember seeing all of the posts about being “bucket fillers” and thought what a cool idea! What I didn’t realize is that student’s are often our bucket filler’s, unannounced to them. Well friends, I have to tell you that my students have done an amazing fete and my bucket is FULL!!!!

I came back from an EdTech conference to a dissheveled classroom and progress reports due (ugh) and immediately felt guilty about the time I’d spent away and how much I should have been there. However, the goodness that came from the conference was manifested today. I knew that I wanted to introduce #20time and I had to start a new unit with students in my entrepreneurship class.This combination has left me scrambling and really gave me the blues until today…it all came together!


From the moment I sat in Nick Provenzano’s session last week I was determined to make #20time come to life in my classroom. I came into the classroom Monday and discussed the idea and told the student’s we’d begin the project this week. Tuesday, I had student’s share their “I will…” statements via Today’s Meet and started to flesh-out the idea. I had a student tell me flatout, “I’m not doing this”.  It was HARD y’all. Like, I don’t know if I want to do this after the first day HARD. However, just like us teacher’s do I was determined to come back today and trudge forward. I had the student’s start blogs via after I had just signed up myself this morning….asking for disaster right? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I tell you, this 20 min session of starting a blog turned into THE best part of my day. The student who told me he wasn’t doing it called me to his computer and asked me to read his first “post”. I read it and struggled with coming up with words to say. Instead of telling him he couldn’t write some crazy story or asking him what it was, I asked him “Well, why don’t you write a book!” His eyes lit up!!!! His response, “I can do that”. He then took to his blog declaring he will write a fictional chapter book with 4 chapters AND pictures (he’s an amazing artist). I seriously had to hold back the tears! Before class was over, he had posted his second blog post… A sample of his first chapter. He then walked around the class and asked the student’s to read it!!! I was soooo very proud of him and I am even more proud to be the place where I hope his creativity will find a place to flourish this process. I thought the goodness was over from this activity, but this was the tip of the iceberg. When I logged in to view comments from student’s I found this….


The student’s have begun to comment on each other’s post and it is just amazing to see. I am simply the facilitator in this activity!!!!

Yes,  my bucket is full.

Teachers and friends, I know this is a candid post. I know that days get hard. Days are LONG. VERY LONG. However, I encourage you to forge through your ideas. DON’T STOP!!!!!! Even the craziest idea from a student can be turned into a gold mine, even if for a moment. I took the time to write down my goal for #20time and I encourage you to STOP and write your own goals down. Don’t sit on the crazy goodness that lies on the inside…you never know who’s bucket you might fill!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love that you’re doing 20% time! I call it Genius Hour in my class. Isn’t it amazing what inspires them and motivates them? I’ve had presentations so far on espionage (MI6 in particular), basketball through the creation of a website by a student, a zombie apocalypse survival bootcamp 2 students put together {with some scientific info, haha), the ultimate baseball team based on statistics and have students working on tutorials for things, creating a brain cancer charity, making video games, learning how to teach others to train dogs, creating a kid friendly article site with quizzes… I love it!

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