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I can’t believe it’s October!!! Now, I’m not a fan of Halloween but I do enjoy the decorations and admiring everyone else’s love of 10/31…I guess I just enjoy festivies? I thought it would be fun to finally jump on this fun bandwagon and share what I’m currently up to, so here’s my Currently: October!

Listening: I have come to find that mornings are my FAVORITE time of the day. It’s like the calm before the storm and the time when our thoughts are the most clear. In fact, I wrote a post with 5 tips to getting the most out of your day and there’s a strong emphasis on making your morning work for YOU! Enjoying the quiet is also somewhat of a momentarily thrill for a mom and teacher, so I have learned to embrace every moment I can!

Loving: Interestingly enough, in the Metro Atlanta area many schools go on a “balanced calendar”. This calendar gives us substantial breaks during the school year and it’s usually right around the time you’re ready to give up take a vacation. Our first one is Fall Break, in October and this is a whole week!!! Some people, namely parents, think it’s silly and unnecessary but honestly I don’t know how I ever worked from September through December!!!! Cheers to our Fall Break 🙂

Thinking: Earlier in the year I shared pictures of my classroom and I mentioned I’d be moving…well it’s happening! While I’m excited to get into a smaller (imagine that) and newer classroom (yay to a mounted projector), I’m reallllyyyyyy nervous about computer connectivity and having everything ready for our first day back from break. I can’t believe I even thought this, but I’m really thinking I’ll have to go to school at least one day over the break to make sure I’m prepared. How fun does that sound?

Thinking: I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t like a vacation? I’m so ready for a weekend or maybe just a day away. I had planned to attend a wedding in the Dominican Republic in May, but that was recently postponed so now I’m trying to think of places to visit in the spring…or sooner! Ideas?

Needing: Yeah…that one’s pretty self-explanatory. I know I have super powers, but I don’t think blogging and getting dressed can happen simultaneously.


Trick or Treat: Since I don’t have  TPT store, I didn’t think I had a treat to give away, but I do!!!! I’ll call it a trick and a treat. Here at 180 Days to Happy, we encourage you to grow in a certain area monthly. This month’s area is Appreciate! In my classroom, a trick for classroom management is to really tell my student’s I appreciate them! This little token of appreciation could be a pat on the back, kudos for a job well done, or maybe to be my “assistant” for the day! I think people misjudge middle school students as grown ups, but really they love all the things elementary students do…with a twist!


Here’s my treat!!!! Download this month’s organizer and join our journey on 180 Days to Happy  Appreciate-October-Growth-Area.pdf (1806 downloads) . ENJOY!!!

3 Responses to October Currently

  1. Mary says:

    Ha, I also need to get up and get dressed. I’m amazed at how quickly time flies when I’m blogging. Have a happy Fall Break. We don’t have such a thing here…

    4th Works

  2. Destiny says:

    Ugh, I know how moving in the middle of the year goes! I got moved from 1st to Kinder three weeks into my first year of teaching, plus I’ve moved campuses twice (one to a completely different city). Good luck!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Destiny, It has been a trying time but I absolutely love my new room (except for technology issues). I hope you’re finally settling down…that’s a LOT of moving!

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