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Appreciate: Share the Wealth

twitter for school

I can’t believe this month is pretty much O-V-E-R!!!! It’s exciting because our new growth area is justttttt around the corner and I’m working on some pretty cool things outside of the classroom. I am also realizing how much I appreciate the people around me. Realizing this is important, because it’s prompted me to share the wealth! Wealth of knowledge, wealth of love, and the many areas of growth I’ve accomplished so far this school year.


I’m fulling embracing my growth and am going to share the wealth through a set of weekly emails about technology in the classroom, in a series called Techie Tuesday. My very first tip, not on a Tuesday though, involves FREE Professional Development and your PLN (Professional Learning Network) via Twitter! If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s perhaps the BEST thing I’ve done for my teaching career in the last 7 years. I have had the opportunity to connect with leaders, teachers, authors, and professionals via Twitter and it’s making me a more rounded individual and increasing my PLN (personal learning network). I am going to encourage you to do two things now, ready? Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t already and then join in on a twitter chat! Here’s some help.

sign up for twitter


Now, find a chat to join!!! I encourage you to search for the #gaed chat Thursday’s at 8pm! I’ll be there and here’s a cool infographic of plenty others.

twitter chats


Still confused? Join Twitter and just watch for awhile….it’s fun! You will be amazed the conversations you can have and the many people you can “meet”.

Here’s a video to get you started as well

I will be sharing my weekly tech tips through an email entitled Techie Tuesday!

Feel free to join via the link and share your own tech tips for teachers everywhere!

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday – Oct 29


What I wore Wednesday

I’m back for  a mid-week post with Teaching with Crayon’s and Curls for What the Teacher Wore Wednesday. It’s been awhile, but thanks to a fellow instagrammer (@lindsey_nichole_j) I have FINALLY figured a way to take somewhat decent pictures of outfits!!!! Super simple post here, but I’m so happy to be linking up with a fellow Georgia Teacher and Blogger!!! Happy Hump day folks!!!




Spirit Day and it was a “Pink Out” I love Pink so this was a no-brainer! Borrowed a bow from an 8th grader!!!


I participated in the Oxford Challenge with #coast2coastchallenge and managed to pull off this colorblocking! Loved it!!!!!



This was the first day it felt like Fall…so I broke out a loungey turtleneck top, Converse, and a vest for the #win!!!



Bought this dress and dressed it down for the Outkast concert and decided it was time to make it’s first appearance in the classroom! I loved it and all of the students said I looked “smart”. Not bad for a J.Crew Factory dress that I know will last me QUITE some time 🙂


It’s Red Ribbon Week, so I broke out the red I had while I also participated in the #coast2coastchallenge with my topknot! Loved this outfit it was comfy and super chic!

That’s alllll she wrote for me! I’m soooo happy to figure out how to take my outfit posts, now to figure out how to STOP the sun from ruining my photos…ugh!!!

The Sunday Scoop- Week of 10/27


Sunday Scoop ButtonSo I’ve been busy and meaning to do The Sunday Scoop Link up!!! I love this because it’s a moment for me to sit and reflect on the week to come, set goals, and GO! Hope you have an amazing week!!!

sunday scoop 10-26

Appreciate: 4 Languages of Appreciation



In an effort to be true to my goal, I took some time to read an article I’ve had pinned for awhile. I didn’t think there was anything too profound in it from the title, but what I read truly resounded with me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve DEFINITELY felt unappreciated at some point in my life and especially as the school year starts to drag move along. This made me wonder if it was me or was there something I could do to shift my thinking from myself to someone else who may be feeling the same way in an effort to break the cycle. We all know there is nothing like that “They really appreciate me” feeling and  this article helped me discover the 4 Languages of  Appreciation and how to speak other’s! I hope you read these and find a way to speak to someone and spread a little appreciation around your building and in your life.

 The Problem with Recognition Programs

Although almost 90 percent of all organizations and businesses in the United States have some form of employee
recognition program (Bersin, 2012), job satisfaction and employee engagement are actually declining. In a 2012 poll, Gallup (2013) found that only 30 percent of U.S. employees are actively involved in and emotionally committed to their place of employment.

This is the highest level of disengagement found since the research began in 2000.

– Dr. Paul White


1. Do it Regularly. According to Dr. White, teachers need to feel this regularly, but that is a relative term. Teachers, and people in general, like to hear good things on a consistent basis. I know for me, this may mean that I hear others being recognized, I feel (without anyone saying it) appreciated, or just a small note or gesture is expressed. For some this may mean a cute handout attached to a piece of candy or a token that is passed around from teacher to teacher as a surprise! Whatever you can do to make someone feel appreciated, do it and do it regularly!

2. Make them feel important.  This seems like something simple, but more realistically this is a hard task. Find out what is important to them. Don’t rely on a “standard” method of appreciation…go one step further and find out what their favorite drink at Starbucks is, what snacks they like, or something they enjoy doing as a pastime! Make them feel as if you’re genuinely interested in the way the gift will make them feel. We’ve all gotten the gift that makes you say, “It’s the thought that counts”, but don’t let this be one of them!

3. Ensure it is personal. Have you ever gotten a piece of mail made out to you, but the name is spelled wrong? Makes you feel like they didn’t care right! “People want to hear about what they have done—that you appreciate that they stayed late after the parent meetings to help clean up or that you have noticed them coming in early to provide extra instruction to a struggling student.” (White, 2014) Tell them why you’re going out of your way to say thanks. Write their name, spelled correctly, tell them exactly why you’re doing it, and why you are so appreciative. Don’t be afraid to feel vulnerable, it’s the details that make the act amazing!

4. Be authentic. Really, be REAL!!!! Don’t be afraid to use the language of the giftee! Writing a note to a child, let them know that what you thought was funny (lol) or how shocking it was (OMG)! This act of appreciation should not only be genuine, but let them know that you did it yourself. There’s nothing like a handwritten note and a hug with a gift…that’s sure to give them a warm fuzzy feeling!


White, P. (2014). Learning the Language of Appreciation. Educational Leadership, 30-34.


Don’t be afraid to be the person who begins this trend in your building! Make it known that you appreciate your team and it’s sure to create a place filled with love and appreciation for everyone. How have you told someone you appreciate them lately?

Haven’t downloaded the October organizer? Hurry! Jot down your Personal Truths and set some goals for the home-stretch.

Appreciate-October-Growth-Area.pdf (1806 downloads)

Five for Friday: The New Classroom Edition

Five for Friday


Why is the first week after any break so lonnnngggggggggg. I don’t know why I thought this week would be different, but of course I got to Tuesday and thought it just HAD to be Thursday! On top of the return from break, I was moved into a “new” classroom with 1/6 of my computers working, LOTS of boxes, and a HUGE classroom visit by teachers around the county. Oh, and the visit occurred during the last class of the day right after the technology crashed in my classroom. Yes, it was one of “those” weeks! Any who, I am honestly attempting to get my blogger mojo back and I thought that this would be a great return…especially since I love a good linky party 🙂

Five for Friday1




This is my new home…I’m soooo excited!!!! Our school is undergoing a complete renovation and I’ve actually been begggiiiinggg for my new home to be my permanent home!  It’s sooo cozy and I have a classroom where I can see each and EVERY computer screen and I have so much sunlight. It’s so nice to be near other teachers on the hall and a working copier nearby! Oh yeah…this sign needs some fancy! Any ideas?

Five for Friday2


Another IG gem I dropped this week….soooooo nice to have some room 🙂 I actually was hoping I’d lose this HUGE desk in my “move”, but when I was able to spread both of my Erin Condren Planners out…all was well! I will have to show you my former desk, which is a computer cart…on wheels!!! I needed space folks, so this was a sight for sore eyes and cramped planners! If you haven’t read my review of the Erin Condren Teacher Planner….read it NOW!

Five for Friday3



I showed you the “good” of my move…this is the BAD! Boxes!!!! They are PACKED with goodies and I don’t want to unpack. On top of the boxes, there are computers waiting to be unpacked. However, I don’t want to unpack  (obviously) but I’m not even sure I’m staying in this temporary “home”! Unpacking today would mean that I’d possibly have to unpack and repack in just a few weeks, which is no bueno!!!!!! I’m not a fan of packing, but unpacking…I’d seriously rather pay someone to do!


Five for Friday4


This picture seriously was a moment I’ve been praying for! I am in a school that had 1:8 my first year, no lie. This year we have been blessed with wi-fi and students are now allowed to use their devices in class through the BYOT Policy in place. I know that some schools are banning cell phones and tablets, but in a school like mine, THIS is what we need! Between the 5 iPad’s that now live in my classroom and desktops, I was so happy to be nearly 1:1 in my largest class and see students collaborate in class.

This is what education is about!!!

Five for Friday5


On top of the fun week back after Fall Break, Tuesday was picture day and I almost forgot!!! I wanted to wash my hair, get my eyebrows done, and make myself presentable…but it didn’t happen. Instead, I dug in my closet and pulled out the last outfit I actually felt cute in and made it work. As much as I tried, I was still digging in my bag for lipgloss as I waltzed in to take my picture.

That’s my week in 5 pictures…what a recap!!!! It’s so exciting to be able to recap and see what I’ve accomplished this week!!!! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to get our October Organizer for Appreciation.  Appreciate-October-Growth-Area.pdf (1806 downloads)