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What I Wore Wednesday 9/9

What I wore Wednesday

Today, I’m linking up with Crayons and Curls for What I wore Wednesday! I’m going to give you a run down of this week, since I’m such a bad person who forgets to take pictures…oops!


Monday is always such a toughie for me…sometimes I feel like getting dressed to boost my mood and other’s I’m just like BLAH! This Monday was a cross between the two since my football team lost over the weekend and the Falcons won! I decided to go plain jane and throw in my favorite monogram scarf ( a gift from my sister).


Tuesday, I had one of “those” days!!! My son was acting all kinds of crazy, I forgot my earrings, my hair wanted to have a mind of it’s own, and of course my outfit just didn’t “feel” right. I pulled out an oldie but goodie Old Navy wrap dress and some Target flats I got on clearance a few weeks ago for $5 and thought it would work…then I got to work and figured I hated it ūüôĀ However, I got so many compliments on how “educated” I looked…but then the student backtracked since he didn’t want me to feel as if I didn’t look educated on any other day…kids!!!


Wednesday, today! Most Wednesday’s I wear my typical khakis and school shirt, which has kind of become my uniform! It’s a good way to “dress down” mid-week, easy to plan, and still can be made a bit cute! I was digging through my closet for my favorite J. Crew ballet flats and stumbled across these Cole Haan loafers I bought awhile back but never seem to wear. However, before I left the house I switched to my flats because they have bows, and…well, I like bows!!!


Next week, I will try to be better but I had to support a fellow blogger and I love seeing what other teachers wear! Have an amazing rest of the week, y’all!

Ta-Da Tuesday: Why I connect

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!


Welcome to the first installment of Ta-Da Tuesday!!!! I hope you’re here to share your own moments and hop on the linky party train!!! This weeks them is


Why I connect….


In the short time since entering the blog world, I have had the immense pleasure of “meeting” some amazing people. I don’t know if there is any more of a reason to connect! Being able to share my teaching world with like-minded, creative, and immensely talented people has renewed my personal vigor as a teacher. Although I am here to facilitate your journey of 180 Days to Happy, I believe these connections have helped me reignite my personal passion for teaching. Here are 3 of my reasons why I connect…


1. Personal growth. I think that the purpose of 180 Days to Happy has been well established and this is the essence of the blog. Although it is nice to “grow” on your own, there is nothing like doing it with a few hundred, or even thousand, people by your side. As you set goals and see your personal success, it’s so much more encouraging to know that people believe in the process and it has been embraced by like-minded people. Personal growth also comes in the forms of comments, suggestions, and of course conversation among friends!

Monday Made it-Classroom Edition

2. Classroom support. This blog, Facebook, and Instagram have been SUCH an amazing thing!!!!! I have gotten SOOOOOOOOOO many ideas to bring into my classroom and it has been so cool to see it in action. So many of the tools I’ve grown to love ( cue my planner) have been shared in social media platforms and there is nothing I can say to express my gratitude to you and all of the followers and readers!!!!!


3. FUN!!! ¬†There is no better reason to connect than for some fun!!!! I can think of Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice¬†who’s TPT materials have been fun for my son, Rachelle of For Blogness Sake and her 3 Weeks no Cheat for encouraging my personal weight-loss goals, and of course my most recent Etsy money pit Glitter and Juls for sprucing up my jewelry box! These 3 women have touched my life in fun, yet amazing ways. I say thanks across Instagram, by purchasing items, and commenting on blog posts but that could NEVER express the immense joy you’ve thrown into my life’s jungle!!!


Now it’s your turn! Share your post! Tell us why you connect….

¬† —Don‚Äôt forget to grab the button at the top of this post and add a link back to the post on your blog post.—

Connect: My Plan of Action

Organized-My Plan of Action


Well, it’s September!!!! I am ready to share my personal plan of action using my Erin Condren Life Planner and this month’s printable! I hope seeing how I use it inspires you to set goals and reach them this month!!!! Here’s a few pics!




Although your personal truth or “10 Commandments” theoretically not supposed to change I believe that life happens and you tweak your truths accordingly. This month, I added a few points and I’d like to tell you why.

1. Give yourself to the little things. If you follow us on Instagram, you will notice that this was a retweet from ¬†@myvicariouslyfe. She is a fellow blogger and a mentor to me “in my head”. I love following people ¬†who encourage you to grow and she has shared her journey of personal and career growth over social media many times. She had the opportunity to attend the Life You Want Tour here in Atlanta and this gem was dropped. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that if we take the time to attend to the small things (i.e. thank you’s, reaching out, sparking conversations, etc.) the payoff can be immense! For some this may mean reaching out to someone you admire and then following up with an email. It may mean that you tweak a small area of your life, such as connecting with your team at work to develop a relationship, but you need to do the little things in order to reap BIG benefits!

2. Labor. Deliver! I am currently reading Talk Like Ted and I am learning how important it is to prepare. The author gives tips on how to give Ted quality talks and the one point that sticks with me is that we need to practice. The process is arduous, but it WILL pay off! Repeatedly mentioned is how great of a speaker Steve Jobs was, but Gallo stresses that there are often thousands of hours put into these short, yet poignant, presentations! If we are willing to labor over our goals, we will have no choice but to deliver!!

You might notice, if you viewed last month’s plan of action, that some of these goals did not change! I am still tweaking some of them and others, I found truly helped keep me organized and I am carrying them into September as reminders! I think I conquered the write things down goal of August, but I need to be more adamant about planning ahead (i.e. I wrote down I needed to buy snacks for football, but I forgot because I didn’t plan ahead to go to the grocery store). This month’s goals are pretty self-explanatory and I know that they will work together to build amazing connections!

Connect 1This month, I attached my calendar using the Erin Condren Coil Clips. However, I receieved them in a RAK (random act of kindness) package and don’t want to run through them…in comes washi tape!!! I can easily attach and reattach the coil clips after using the washi to attach them. I know it sounds cheap, but these things are $7 +shipping for 12 and I just don’t have the time or money to buy tons!

Alright, now it’s YOUR turn to share! If you’ve downloaded, be sure to tag us on IG or share your blogpost. If you haven’t download it and get started!!!!

September Organizer (1240 downloads)

Connect- September Growth Area

We are now in month 2 of our journey of 180 Days to Happy! It’s exciting to see everyone use and discuss their own personal growth in the August area of organized and I hope that September greets you with even more success! Before we dive in to our new organizer, let’s talk process.

Earlier this summer I wrote a post about what¬†180 Days to Happy is¬†I have explained how important it is to¬†set goals, how important¬†self-reflection¬†is, and I even¬†told you how to get organized and gave you $10 to get started so we can get this train rolling toward progress! Now let’s review how¬†it¬†¬†ties together and¬†rediscover how¬†¬†this site will support you as we move through the next month of ¬†180 Days to Happy!

First,¬†Decide what your Personal Truths are. Be honest with yourself and tell your truths. For me, I think of this as my personal 10 Commandments. I won’t list them all, but some of mine are

  1. Give more than you take.
  2. Don’t second guess yourself.
  3. Take a step toward the goal, big or small.

See how that works, these are things that no matter what, I will aim to do through my actions and words. Nothing too lengthy, but I know that these are the things I will continue to live by. This is an exercise in just writing things down and believing in yourself. Don’t second-guess yourself when developing your personal truths, just do it!

Next,¬†pick a growth area. This won’t be hard because we’ll do that for you! Each month we will focus on one area of our life that we will work on in order to build our happiness on solid ground. Our first month’s area is¬†Organize. This may mean anything to you, but it’s about setting things in order!

Thirdly,¬†set goals. Perhaps it’s your classroom as you enter this upcoming year, beginning this school year with a new system of doing things, or maybe it’s something at home that you’ve been meaning to get to but just keep putting it off. Set a goal and write it down. In fact, I admonish you to pick three goals and make them something that will truly begin your day in a more organized way!

Lastly,¬†reflect. As we move through each month, you’ll need to stop and really think about the progress you’re making. Had a bad week? It’s ok!!! Stop, reflect and make a plan! We, as a group, will be here to support each other and make it a supportive act as we reflect and redirect our energy.

Not hard, REALLY!!! Just¬†pick up our monthly growth area printable ¬†below, ¬†print, and get started!!!! I’ll be back to share my My Action Plan, but review August for ideas!!! Congrats and welcome to Connect: September Growth Area.

September Organizer (1240 downloads)

Ta-Da Tuesday Introduction

Hellllooooooo good people!!! I am positive you enjoyed a LONG weekend, no? It was an extra long one for us here since students don’t return until tomorrow! It’s always nice to have a day to actually breathe before seeing students! I am here to introduce to a small labor of love and new feature here on 180 Days to Happy….


180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!


Ta-Da Tuesday will be a “themed” party and will give us a way to exercise this month’s growth area of Connect, quite fluidly!!! I’m sooo excited to see what everyone brings to the linky party and I hope that you will find this an amazing tool to connect with other teachers, businesses, and opportunities in the blog world and beyond! I hope ¬†you’re ready because here’s the first theme for, next week!


Get your posts ready to tell us…Why you connect!!!


Sept 9 Why I connect...