Ta-Da Tuesday: How to Stay Connected

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!!


Hey all!!! I can’t believe it’s the END of September!!!!! The weather is finally changing here in GA, so I can say that Fall seems real now. We’re also getting to that point in the school year where ” I just need a break”…and it’s coming!!!! Fall Break is NEXT WEEK!!!! Four Tuesday’s into Ta-Da Tuesday it’s time to talk How to Stay Connected…even when you’re a worn out teacher!!!


How to Stay Connected

I am one of those people, like many of us, who is connected via various social media outlets. I have also come to realize this, although it is a form of connection, doesn’t really foster deep connections. Think about the celebrity you follow or even a fellow teacher, although you don’t “know” him or her you get a sense of closeness every time a picture of them flows across your timeline or Instagram Feed. Now, somebody you really know you may even “double tap” or comment, but when’s the last time you truly connected with these people.


Unfortunately I  don’t get to  see all of my friend’s super often, but I  take the time to  stay connected in various ways. One way we connect is through a group chat, using the GroupMe app. This app gives us a neat way of constantly being able to chat among ourselves even though we span from California, Florida, and Georgia! There are times where we simply tell each other good morning and others where we chat through the hottest shows on TV. I have a few groups in the app, but they all serve the distinct purpose of keeping us connected with a common area of interest.


What’s a better way to connect than to make a big deal of life happenings?!?!?! Just this year I think I’ve made long weekends out of a wedding, a friend who got her MBA, another who is now a Occupational Therapist and there have been plenty of opportunities in between! We plan a night out for birthday’s, concert’s (I’ve missed far too many with friends), and just to catch up. Honestly, there is no occurrence  too small to celebrate!!! Just this weekend we met up at the Outkast concert and OH BOY did we have fun. Although my husband and I were there for the music, it’s always more fun when you have folks to tag along, laugh, and just have a genuinely good time with!


Another way I’m aiming to keeping in touch is through hand-written notes or thank you’s. I don’t know about you, but I sure get tired of the only thing in my mailbox being BILLS! As a child, I always looked forward to a piece of mail with my name on it. Sending a letter is a heartfelt gesture that takes a very small amount of time, but serves a supreme purpose. Since I delved in the blogging world, I  have become aware of Slant Box. This is a cool way of connecting teachers across the country with a common theme. Yes, it takes work getting a stamp or even finding a card to write on, but pick up a pack of thank you’s from the Dollar Spot at Target and make it happen!

Lastly, if  all else fails…send a hearfelt email and/or text message. I have read in plenty of books how important it is to keep the romance alive in a marriage, but I believe this is somewhat true in friendships. We are all busy, I know, but we have these people in our lives for a reason! Acknowledge the friendship and let them know how much they mean to you! Give them their roses while they can smell them!!!!!

What’s your favorite way of connecting?

Do you and your friends have special ways of keeping up with each other?

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