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cheap Robaxin

Linking up today for Five for Friday a quick recap of a local tech conference I went to and I just had to share! Enjoy the recap because, Oh What a day!!!


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robaxin 750 mgs

I snapped this photo at the beginning of the conference because it’s SO true. No matter where you are, the internet has become a true “necessity” for all of us! It’s not just young adults, but we’re all on this chase for the fastest uploads and to share information. It was interesting to see it compared to power lines and paved roads because of the impact on our grandparents life’s!

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robaxin mg dosage

Our keynote speaker robaxin mg dose did a great job of putting things in perspective as she’s from rural Arkansas and has made an AMAZING impact in her community. Although her school is small, she has made technology a priority and also talked about the importance of connecting with other teachers and leaders to increase your PLN and impact in the world around you!

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Robaxin uk


I presented!!! This was my first “public speaking” engagement and I have to say it was an AMAZING experience!!!! I got some great feedback and I hope to be able to do it again. I spoke on the importance of meeting our students where they are through the use of social media for our classrooms and as a professional!!! Good stuff!!!!!


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Robaxin usa.

At the conference, I saw this little gadget and OMG!!!! If there is not a thing you NEED in your classroom with tablets THIS IS IT!!!!! order robaxin online created this stand will eliminate the document camera so that ANYTHING that’s under your screen OR on your screen can be projected. At only $199, I do believe this is an amazing deal. However, even if you don’t have the stand you can download the Stage app by Belkin to turn your iPad into a document camera!

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Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share what I wore!!! Please excuse the blurry pic, but blame my 6yr old. I was comfortable in a jumper I found in Miami in March and a H&M jacket off the BOGO racks from a few weeks ago.


I want to say thank you to Griffin RESA for welcoming all of the educators and putting together an AMAZING conference!!!! I am so thankful to have been a part of it.


Any cool conferences you’ve been to lately??

2 Responses to Five for Friday: What a day!!!

  1. Necole says:

    I know someone who attended the Metro Resa training and she raved about how awesome it was! I also went to see Outkast-but on Sunday. It was fantastic! I write, email, text, use groupme, and continue to look for technology for EL students to assist teachers in the classroom in meeting the needs of all levels of learners. I am loving your blog!

    • 180daystohappy says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I had an amazing time at the GRESA training, not just as a presenter, but as an attendee! I have referenced material and vendors I saw there recently!!! Outkast, I’m jealous I didn’t go Sunday!!!! I’m so glad to hear you’re using technology in the classroom as well, be sure to share any specific tools you use. I’d love to get some new ones.

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