Ta-Da Tuesday- This One Time…

180 Ta-Da Tuesday!!! ¬† Hey all!!!! Welcome back to the weekly linky party!!! This week we are going to share our personal experiences of connecting with others from social media to real life! As we continue to connect it’s important to make these connections transfer from Instagram, Twitter, or even linky party “meets” to real-life! We should be gleaning information and learning from one another as we make purposeful connections. I will preface this with saying that without this encounter, my little blog just might have NEVER happened ūüôā Here we go!!!

This One Time…

¬†My story¬†¬†involves a young lady,¬†Dawn Greene. I followed Dawn via social media after a few tweets and re-tweets by another friend and fellow blogger Mattie James of Mattieologie, whom I’ve known for quite some time. Dawn suffers from Bipolar Disorder, but has always been very open and shares her struggle along with encouragement while dealing with day-to-day struggles of being a mom and wife, along with some HILARIOUS hashtags. At a birthday dinner in 2013, for Mattie, I happened to be seated at the same table as Dawn and I took the time to share my respect for her along with our shared love of the Buckeyes…and the rest was history. From that day forward, I really began to look at the things she was doing and most recently her weight loss chronicles as a means of encouragement. Her posts and recent success while starting Fans Favorite Fan, can be credited with the push for me to make 180 Days to Happy happen! Over the summer I didn’t want to hold back my own story, so I took the time to DM her and we exchanged numbers. Now, I will in no way say that I expected her to respond or even reply but she did! We¬†did¬†text back and forth and I just had to share what an encouragement she was and she was nothing but encouraging to me!!! We do not communicate on the regular, but I will say that I have reached out to say thank you and even some very encouraging news along with congratulations for her endeavors as well.

Although Dawn and I have made a social media connection, I thought it was important to share how much she has pushed and encouraged me and I think this is what social media is about! The ability to share with others and make purposeful connections from your couch to across the country, with the click of a keyboard is an amazing thing!!! Don’t be scared to reach out to the person who has helped you in some way, knowingly or not. Don’t let a connection stop at a “like”, comment, or repost! Share information and make a story of like turn into your own “This one time…”.

How has connecting from social media, to real-life, changed your life? Any extra-special encounter of your own?

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