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Today, we’re featuring Chelsea from over at The Twenty Something Teacher! I’m so excited to host her post and learn about here she connects!

Twenty Something Teacher


Hello 180 Days To Happy Readers!
My name is Chelsea and I blog over at The Twenty-Something Teacher. I am so excited to have this chance to collaborate for the September Organizer. This month’s theme is Connect, which has been huge for me lately, especially with school starting back up.
It is so difficult to stay connected sometimes. With teaching and coaching basketball, I sometimes put in 65-80 hour weeks. Then there’s keeping up with the house and spending time with my sweet husband and pups. Then there is all the fun stuff like little DIY projects, blogging, coffee dates with friends, taking time to watch TV and rest. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with everything!
I have several methods that I use to stay connected, in my social life, my family life, my blog life, and my school life.
FIRST | Connecting In General: I’m the queen of making lists. I make lists for everything and anything. Even the most mediocre things end up on my lists. I make lists of blog posts I want to write. I make lists of classroom resources that I want to create. I make lists of people I need to call, text, email. I make lists of EVERYTHING!
SECOND | Connecting Socially: For blogging and social media, I try to plan WAY in advance! Once I write a blog post and schedule it for the day that I want it to post, I try to go ahead and schedule my tweets and other posts to share the links. I also try to create the images that I want to use for Pinterest and Instagram in advance so that’s one less thing I have to work on. I use TweetDeck, but I know there are a lot of other services that offer the same reliable posting and scheduling! I keep a calendar specifically for my blog that I use to plan out my posts and I try to spend a little bit of free time each week writing all of my posts for the next week in advance.
THREE | Connecting Personally: I try to make sure to connect in face-to-face ways too. If you don’t already do this, I HIGHLY suggest picking a specific day of the week, EVERY week to have a date with your significant other. Wednesday nights are date night at my house because it’s the perfect middle of the week pick-me-up! Date nights don’t always have to cost money either, we love having movie nights in and turning off electronics for the evening. I also have a specific night each week that is friend time. My friends and I have a guilty pleasure (obsession) with Pretty Little Liars, so every Tuesday we cook a delicious meal, watch our show, and spend time connecting with one another. Other ways you can connect (away from screen time) could be joining a book club, finding a workout buddy, or taking a class!
Happy Connecting!

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